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Gemalto IoT Agent

​​​​​​​​​Reduce Bill of Materials and Speed up Development

To simplify and speed up the process of creating game-changing M2M solutions, Gemalto offers the Gemalto IoT Agent, a Java™ software component tightly coupled to the cellular module that provides inherent processing power for data, communication and module management capabilities.


Gemalto's Embedded System (ES) approach simplifies and improves application services by adding processing power to the cellular module itself. By combining localized Java processing and communication capabilities in one component, OEMs are able to streamline solution design and reduce the bill of materials by eliminating the need for additional processing chips. 

By adding Java on top of Embedded System architecture the Agent provides accelerated off-the-shelf integration with the Application Enablement Platform​.​

The Agent easily interacts with other Java applications on the module th​rough an M2M abstraction layer. It ensures versatility and native integration with the Application Enablement Platform.

Solution Benefits

  • Lowers device bill of material
  • Shortest time-to-market
  • Optimal network resource utilization
  • Reduced application complexity
  • Based on Java
  • Compatible with Cinterion Java modules
  • Future-proofs investment