Optimize connected device data consumption in real-time

​​​The booming Internet of Things (IoT) is on course to double in just five years, and as exciting as this is, the fast rate of expansion is accompanied by challenging growing pains. The rapid increase in new IoT connected devices is outpacing service providers' ability to keep track of device connectivity and data consumption using traditional methods of comparing and analyzing reports and spreadsheets.

It's become exceedingly difficult to reconcile wireless service contracts with the actual number of active connected objects deployed throughout the world.

The Gemalto IoT Connectivity Smart Saver SaaS (Software as a Service) platform solves this problem by automatically and easily monitoring device connectivity and SIM cards in real time, helping to right-size cellular service plans to meet IoT solution demands.

How can connectivity costs be reduced?

The Gemalto platform quickly integrates with IoT Connected Device Platforms (CDP) and provides 24/7 visibility of global data usage in easy to understand formats. Advanced algorithms analyze the data; and in a split second, it provides a detailed map of active and dormant devices around the world. It can be customized to offer key insights per device such as the average cost and average data consumption. The platform makes recommendations for the best course of action to optimize connectivity plans or even take action automatically when authorized. ​

How effe​​ctive is IoT rate plans optimization​? 

One of our customers using the Gemalto IoT Connectivity Smart Saver solution saved up to 28% on its connectivity bill in the very first month of usage.​
Check the customer case study and webinar below to learn more on the solution and start saving today!

IoT Connectivity Smart Saver Features​​​

IoT Service Plan Optimization 

  • IoT Service Plan Optimization

    Right size your rate plans and optimize costs

    Learn how the SaaS offer leverages machine-learning and clever bots to monitor individual SIMs and automatically reassign them into the best plans.

    Watch the webinar
  • Tierra Telematics, improving business with IoT ingenuity

    Tierra and Gemalto: Right Sizing IoT Connectivity Service Plans in real time

    Gemalto IoT Connectivity Smart Saver solution helps Tierra Telematics keep track of hundreds of thousands of devices and their connectivity consumption. You´ll learn how the company got away from traditional methods for an innovative solution, automatically monitoring deployed devices while considerably economizing service plan expenses.

    Tierra and Gemalto: Right Sizing IoT Connectivity Service Plans in real time

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