IoT Device Lifecycle Management: ensuring secure authentication and best performance

Device lifecycle management​​​​​​​​​​​​

Minimizing service int​ervention through preventive maintenance​ and real-time connectivity monitoring

Our IoT Device Lifecycle Management services a​re a set of remote management tools for Cinterion® ​ M2M Modules and Terminals that help diagnose hardware and connectivity issues, as well as proactively manage the lifecycle of embedded applications and firmware. This helps reduce the overall cost of operations and keeps millions of worldwide distributed assets secure.

Offered in a SaaS (Software as a Service) model, it brings together a quick on-boarding scheme with a tight integration to the Cinterion hardware, dramatically reducing time-to-market for OEMs and integrators who leverage Gemalto´s technology.​

The solution is based on an IoT Agent ​embedded in the wireless module. This establishes a secure link to the cloud-based back-end system powered by Gemalto and enables secure remote management of the module lifecycle.​


  • ​Effortless service activation
  • Secure fleet access
  • Best module performance through FOTA updates
  • Real-time connectivity monitoring for immediate corrective actions
  • One-click massive fleet operations
  • Fast application deployment for shortest time-to-revenue
  • Flexible pay-as-you-grow model
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IoT Device Lifecycle Management Self-onboarding 

Simplifying the device-to-cloud journey 

The multiplication of interconnected IoT objects is increasing the amount of data these devices send towards private or large open cloud platforms.​

To support IoT solution providers with performant enterprise applications, Gemalto offers zero-touch IoT services for IoT device fleets to connect automatically and securely with cloud providers platforms, such as AWS or Microsoft Azure

Thanks to Gemalto expert cloud authentication solutions, IoT devices are immediatly recognized by such platforms as trustful devices, greatly simplifying data-to-cloud transfer.

Content updated in April 2018.


  • IoT Device Lifecycle Management

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