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IoT Device Lifecycle Management: ensuring trusted data transfer and best application performance

Device lifecycle management

Industrial solution providers relying on cellular IoT technology to increase productivity or provide innovative services need to make sure that the data coming out of their connected assets is trusted, that connectivity is reliable, and their fleets can scale smoothly as business grows.

Gemalto embeds device lifecycle management features "as-a-service" into Cinterion® Modules and Terminals to help our customers tackle these challenges and excel throughout their IoT journey.

Securing the data-to-cloud path 

The multiplication of interconnected IoT objects is increasing the amount of data that devices send towards both public and private IoT clouds.​ In order to provide a reliable service, exchanged data needs to be trusted. Unique device identities, strong authentication, end-to-end encryption and secure data storage are key elements to achieve this goal.

To support IoT solution providers with performant enterprise applications, Gemalto offers zero-touch IoT services for IoT device fleets. With trusted digital identities​ directly embedded in our M2M Modules, IoT devices can be enrolled securely into a variety of IoT cloud platforms.

This helps devices and their data remain trusted throughout their lifecycle, eliminating the need for our customers to deploy their own secure production facilities and greatly simplifying the IoT cloud enrollment process.

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Minimizing service trips through preventive maintenance​

IoT devices are often unattended and installed in hard-to-reach locations. This means that maintenance costs could explode as fleets grow. Routine tasks such as debugging or software updates become a nightmare for those who do not implement lifecycle management mechanisms.

Our IoT Device Lifecycle Management services enable remote management of Cinterion® ​ M2M Modules and Terminals to help proactively control the lifecycle of firmware and customer applications. Secure remote updates ensure only trusted software can run on IoT devices. This reduces the overall cost of operations, while keeping millions of worldwide distributed assets secure and working at their best.

Offered in a SaaS (Software as a Service) model, our lifecycle management solution brings together a quick on-boarding scheme with a tight integration to the Cinterion hardware, dramatically reducing time-to-market for service providers who leverage the Gemalto technology.​


​Solution Key Benefits

  • ​Effortless service activation
  • Secure fleet access
  • One-click massive fleet operations
  • Secure device enrollment into public or private IoT clouds
  • Best module performance through FOTA updates
  • Real-time device monitoring for immediate corrective actions
  • Fast application deployment for shortest time-to-revenue
  • Flexible pay-as-you-grow model


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