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​​ ​​​​Gemalto engages with a wide variety of companies to build out an ecosystem of products and technologi​​es that complement our Application Enablement Platform. Our ever growing community of partners includes:

Device P​roviders

Many companies rely on 3rd party devices to add intelligent M2M connectivity to their asset, machine or vehicle. Our open device adaptors can enable connectivity to any of these off-the-shelf devices.

We work ​closely with many of the top device makers and we’re continually expanding our team of partners.  For more information on how we work with these companies, please contact us.

CalampXirgo TechnologiesMaxtrack
Digital ComtechSendumXirgo Technologies
Clearconnex Globalsat Navizot

System Integrators

Gemalto has a growing ecosystem of development and integration partners that are trained in our platform and can provide a range of services to our customers. These services range from user interface design, to application development, to full system integration and deployment services. A sample list of our system integrator partners include:

nytc Prodapt Symphony

Technology Providers

We team up with technology suppliers to help us deliver leading edge cloud-based product and services. This growing list includes application, middleware and platform suppliers that enable our Platform.

ALKLocaidKORE Jasper Bing West Oracle ​ ​ ​

Network Operators​

Given the ubiquity and flexibility of wireless solutions, the Gemalto IoT Application Enablement Platform operates over virtually all cellular mobile networks. We offer support for management and administrative services for SIM cards, activation, provisioning and device management. We can integrate any available network- or device-specific management system as required. This allows our customers to select the network that best meets their specific technical and geographic needs with the flexibility to manage connectivity​ transparently across device and network types.

Our customers can engage directly with network operators; or alternatively, Gemalto can provide customers with wirel​addess connectivity as part of our cloud-based service and in partnership with our network of over 500 Mobile Network Operator customers.

M​​ore information on our network operator partners