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Support Packages

Gemalto's professional support packages are designed to help developers and OEMs rapidly design, develop and deploy successful M2M and IoT solutions​. Leveraging decades of global leadership in digital security and M2M technology, Gemalto support packages back every phase of M2M projects,​ helping to increase product reliability, reduce the time to market and improve cost efficiency. Support packages include:

​Approval Con​sulting

Gemalto experts explain the basic principles of the approval process to help navigate and streamline necessary certifications including GSF/PTCRB, FTA and mobile network operation approvals. ​

​​Pre Approval RF Measure​ments

The Pre-Approval RF test determines if M2M devices fulfill the requirements for the R&TTE, FCC and PTCRB approval and/or if the solution interferes with frequencies outside the cellular spectrum.​

Security Consulting

Based on unprecedented digital security expertise, Gemalto offers professional evaluation of M2M solution architecture and communication protocols and provides recommendations to improve the overall security specific to individual use cases. For sensitive M2M and IoT applications, Gemalto is uniquely positioned to deliver leading edge solutions, platforms and additional security services to ensure intgrity of solutions and protect data.

SMT Production​ Consulting

As Land Grid Array (LGA) surface mount technology has become the gold standard in the marketplace, there is a growing need for quality assurance over the entire SMT production cycle. In co-operation with SMT quality assurance experts, this support package provides customers with the opportunity to have solutions analyzed for SMT production integrity and to identify and rectify SMT related application issues.​

Schematics &​ Layout Review

Gemalto experts provide advice and feedback regarding all critical aspects of PCB layout including power supply and RF design. In addition, they offer guidance and best practices for design of WAN hardware applications and review components used and suggest alternatives when needed. Schematics and Layout Review helps prevent issues from surfacing in the future and helps reduce development costs.

Antenna Co​nsulting

The antenna is a key element in wireless application design influencing both transmission quality (network coverage) and spurious radiation emissions (harmonics of the transmission). Both are key to FTA testing and approval. Gemalto experts help OEMs select, evaluate and integrate the best antenna component specific to the needs of each application.

Basic Sa​mple Review

Early design samples are evaluated and checked by Gemalto experts to determine if further measurements and tests are needed to ensure solution integrity. Experts analyze physical samples sent to the support center and best results are achieved when the samples are provided at an early development stage.

Audio Measu​rement

Gemalto experts measure and verify the quality of the solution's audio interface and make recommendations and adjustments to ensure highest quality and optimized settings for embedded M2M modules.

SIM Electric​al Tests

Electrical SIM tests verify the reliability of the SIM signals and voltage levels as well as crosstalk and current spikes on the SIM interface of M2M solutions. Testing is performed accordingly to the 3GPP specification on a Comprion IT3 approval test system. Every event that doesn’t comply with 3GPP SIM interface specifications is detected so that adjustments can be made to ensure that your product will pass the SIM electrical tests during GCF/PRTCB approval.​​

Electro Sta​tic Discharger Test

Gemalto engineers ensure that your M2M device fulfills the requirements of the EN61000-4-2, which is required to achieve ESD certification. Tests are performed on the running application during a test voice call.

Java ME Workshops

Java has become the defacto standard for embedded M2M processing and it also powers worldwide data servers, routers and the sensors and devices that collect data for M2M applications. Lead by Gemalto Java experts, the workshops introduce developers to J2ME technology and demonstrate how to implement embedded applications on CInterion modules with shortened development time and faster time to market.​

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