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Purchasing transport ticket using mobile phone in Milan

ATM logo ​

The customer

ATM is Milan's public transport company, carrying around 700 million passengers a year.

The solution

ATM is using Gemalto's Direct Operator Billing solution to allow commuters to purchase and use their tickets via their mobile phone. ATM's passengers can now benefit from a highly efficient sales channel that is available 24/7 via any type of mobile phone on any of the four major Italian mobile networks.

The benefits

The Direct Operator Billing solution from Gemalto sets new standards for convenience on Milan's public transport network. Instead of fumbling for notes and coins, travelers in Italy's second largest city can simply send a text to a standard short code number, with the Netsize system charging the fare directly to the customer's regular mobile phone bill. Customers then receive an SMS in return with a code which they can show to the bus controller or enter into a vending machine in exchange for a printed metro ticket.

Why Gemalto?

"Customers love the ease and accessibility of SMS ticketing, which does away with the struggle to find the right change," says Roberto Andreoli, CIO for ATM. "This new service for ATM marks the third phase of mobile ticketing in Milan and, with the introduction of QR codes, it's also possible to directly access underground lines, after buying a ticket via SMS ticketing."

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