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Faster ID verification for prepaid Telefónica Deutschland customers

Gemalto's Digital ID verification service speeds checks up for prepaid customers

Telefónica Deutschland is making ID verification for prepaid SIM customers even faster, by opting for Gemalto's Digital identity verification service, which is subject to the German data protection. Since July 2017, customers for prepaid SIMs have been obliged by law to provide proof of identity, and telecommunications providers must review such documents before activating the SIM card on the network. Telefónica Deutschland attaches great importance to making this process as easy and as fast as possible for their customers. Telefónica prepaid customers can provide proof of ID in stores, online or via their mobile phone, but until now, verification has been carried out manually.

ID templates

ID verification will be faster and more secure

In order to optimize these processes even further, Telefónica Deutschland is working with Gemalto's Germany office. "With the new service from Gemalto, we are complementing our existing identification process," says Thorsten Wagner, Director of the Partner & Business department at Telefónica Deutschland. "The digital solution automatically compares the data that the customer has provided online or in the shop with the entered identity document. This accelerates the review and also makes it more secure." The range of identity documents that can be reviewed with the Gemalto Service is wide and includes passports, identity cards and residency permits.

In-store processes remain unchanged for customers

Telefónica Deutschland customers will benefit from the solution by getting faster access to their new SIM card. But nothing will change for them with regard to the purchase process. To purchase a new Telefónica brand SIM card in an O2 or partner store, they simply show their ID document to a member of staff. They will review the document for obvious forgeries, collect the legally required data, scan the document and send it to Telefónica Deutschland's back office where it is checked using Gemalto's Digital identity Verification service. If everything is correct, the card is activated immediately.

Online customers can choose between video identification and Deutsche Post verification

Customers have the choice between Video-Ident and Post-IdenCustomers purchasing a Telefónica SIM card online will receive it by mail and can then choose whether to present their ID using a video-identification service or at their local post office. For video identification, they are directed to a partner website and can use their camera to show a specially-trained employee their ID. The service provider then sends the data to the Telefónica Deutschland back office for verification. Or, customers can generate a coupon after online registration to present with their ID at one of more than 8,500 Deutsche Post offices, where their data is sent to Telefónica for verification.

The same process applies to SIM purchases in supermarkets for example. Here too, customers register online and then select either the video-identification procedure or the Deutsche Post option. The only thing that will change is the speed of ID verification to get them connected faster.

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