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Providing higher security to mobile data users in Africa and Middle-East

​​​Mobile network operators in Middle East and Africa.

The customer

Mobile network operators in the Middle East and Africa.

The solution

Over three billion mobile phonebook contacts across the Middle East and Africa region alone are now being saved through Gemalto Personal Cloud. This market-leading solution is currently being deployed by 22 different mobile network operators in the region, 90% of which have opted for Gemalto's fully operated service in SaaS mode.

The benefits

Gemalto's Personal Cloud is accessible to the entire subscriber base. It securely protects basic and feature phones via a SIM-based content back-up, synchronization and restoration. It eliminates the dramatic fall-off in traffic that occurs when phone users have to rebuild their address book from scratch on a new handset. Protecting and restoring contacts also significantly strengthens the bond between mobile operator and subscriber. When deploying Gemalto Personal Cloud, mobile operators can either opt for an on-premises platform, or choose a fully hosted cloud-based service that provides equal levels of industry-leading security and flexibility.

Why Gemalto?

"Our cloud backup solutions are number one in the region," says Eric Claudel, President for Africa & Middle East at Gemalto. "The combination of a field-proven solution with our extensive experience in managing platforms on behalf of customers ensures we can readily replicate and share best practice and expertise. With nine out of 10 of our clients in the region opting for SaaS mode, it's clear we are increasingly recognized as a strategic partner that can support particularly dynamic business development plans."

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