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Advanced over-the-air platform for LTE service activations

​​​Sprint Logo

The customer

Sprint is a US-based telecommunications company with 57.7 million subscribers.

The solution

Gemalto has a multi-year contract with Sprint to provide its Advanced over-the-air (AOTA) solution to facilitate LTE service activations and manage the complexities of providing multi-band 4G LTE connectivity.

The benefits

Gemalto's AOTA solution will help Sprint deliver the most up-to-date mobile technologies, services and innovations to customers. Sprint's 4G LTE and Sprint Spark next generation LTE network provide ubiquitous service and wireless IP connectivity that is serving as a gateway for more connected devices and the growing IoT. The simplicity of Gemalto's AOTA hosted solution reduces the need for expensive installation, and its user-friendliness will enable Sprint to maintain focus on delivering trusted digital services to their subscribers.

Why Gemalto?

"Our over-the-air technology currently enables 240 operators worldwide and with increased demands for connectivity, Sprint and many others are opting to migrate to our more advanced and robust Advanced Over-the-air platform," says Sebastien Cano, President of North America at Gemalto. "Gemalto's highly developed roadmap for delivering Advanced OTA services worldwide is ideal for any operator interested in evolving to next generation networks or expanding 4G LTE services.

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