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 Device Management

  • White paper – The role of Automatic Device Detection within MNOs’ device-based services strategy

    This paper explores the various mobile device detection methods that mobile operators can apply to enhance their device-based services. With the emergence of new use cases, ADD has never been so instrumental for the success of carriers.

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  • Gemalto Device Management

    Boost data usage and LTE adoption, maximize customer experience

    Gemalto Device Management [PDF - 785kb]
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 Mobile ID

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 SIM Activation and Reactivation

  • White paper - 3 strategies for mobile operators to regain inactive prepaid users

    White paper - 3 strategies for mobile operators to regain inactive prepaid users

    How to ease the returning experience of multi-SIM prepaid users in the points of sales – while reducing the reseller workload

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  • SIM Reactivation - End-user survey acceptance

    Gemalto surveyed prepaid end-users who dropped their SIM to understand what they do with their old SIM and how they perceive the different alternatives to get back connectivity

    SIM Reactivation [PDF - 1.3MB]
  •  LinqUs SIM Reactivation

    Gemalto SIM Reactivation

    Gemalto SIM Reactivation Easily regain inactive users and drastically reduce reacquisition costs by allowing users to reuse their dormant SIM cards

    Gemalto SIM Reactivation [PDF - 854 kb]



  • Advanced Connectivity Offer

    Enable new services in the connected world The wireless ecosystem is changing and becoming ever more open and connected, with the number of different devices and secure elements in circulation booming.

    Advanced Connectivity Offer [PDF - 987kb]