Customer Experience Management

​​​Customer Experience Management

Customer Experience Management – or CEM – has climbed to the forefront of mobile operators’ strategies. CEM involves how an operator interacts with a subscriber at all the various touch points:

from retail to device to billing to visible marketing campaigns to customer support.​

Indeed CEM is increasingly perceived as a differentiating factor able to improve ARPU and foster customer loyalty.

As a leading provider of trusted, innovative and convenient solutions to billions of people – both on the network and in the device – Gemalto brings deep experience to this topic.

Gemalto sponsors the 2016 Annual Industry Survey conducted by (with responses from over 1,500 telecom professionals) and has chosen the CEM topic to better understand the industry and expose its own vision of CEM.

Download a cop​y of the CEM survey to find out:

Download the Annual Industry Survey​m Annual Industry Survey 2016

An international study of operators’ expectations