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Gemalto maps mobile mega trends and demonstrates lead role of mobile in engagement marketing

​The whitepaper, Conversational Marketing & Commerce: Best Practices to Engage Your Customers and Create Advocates, in collaboration with independent analyst firms Mobile Groove and Portio Research, shows how companies, brands and mobile operators can harness mobile phones to ensure continuous customer touch and interaction, and enable more conversational and contextual marketing and commerce.

The whitepaper identifies 4 best practices companies should integrate into all customers interactions. It also spotlights the pivotal importance of text messaging, a form of ubiquitous, direct and personal communications that allows companies to get closer to consumers than any other channel. To underline this, the paper has also integrated insights gleaned from a recent Worldwide survey conducted by IFOP institute on thousands of mobile users (Brazil / UAE / Europe /US).


  • Conversational Marketing & Commerce

    Conversational Marketing & Commerce

    Best Practices To Engage Your Customers And Empower Advocates
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  • Engage your customers on mobile

    Best practices to engage your customers on mobile

    Over 3,000 mobile phone users in Europe and Latin America were surveyed on their attitudes to mobile marketing to understand how these affect business. The results show some clear rules for mobile marketers.
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