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ID and eID Document readers

ID Document Readers for Telecom Operators

Identity verification to fight telecom fraud

In an ever-more digital world that is governed by new regulations, telecoms operators are keen to offer more secure and simpler digital identification systems. Across the world, governments are passing legislation to protect their citizens from fraud, and scams. In this context, Identity verification is front and center, as crimes like money laundering typically involve fake or stolen identities, and accounts tied to false or absent identities. In response, regulations like Know Your Customer and SIM card registration require businesses to have more rigorous processes and secure systems for verifying the identity of their customers. This is key for Telecom Operators, as subscription fraud represents 20% of all telecommunications fraud (source http://www.cfca.org/fraudlosssurvey). 

At the same time, in addition to protect their identity, consumers require more convenience as they are rapidly becoming accustomed to seamless and enjoyable digital journeys, and have begun to expect simple and fast a wide range of services access to. 


Identity capture

In this context, for telecom operators, the days of "manually" checking the IDs of new mobile subscribers are coming to an end. The need to allow remote online sign-ups and a decreasing tolerance for slow processes in stores point towards the need for far more secure, efficient and flexible identity capture and verification methods. This includes a move towards collecting and verifying biometric information.

Gemalto's Secure Software Development Kit (for mobile devices) and our range of document readers and biometric readers make it possible for telecom operators to set up an identity capture solution that can be deployed across all their sales channels. 

As part as Gemalto's Digital ID platform of services, Gemalto's SDK and advanced readers enable to capture a large diversity of ID documents, along with biometrics, including fingerprints and facial capture with liveness detection.  Relevant personal details are extracted automatically from the customer's documents, speeding the process of form filling and minimizing any risk of errors. All the captured information is verified in real time using Gemalto's Trusted Digital Identity Services Platform

Trusted Digital Identity SDK

If a telecom operator seeks to allow remote sign-ups, then a user's own device (such as a mobile phone or personal computer) can be used to capture their identity attributes. Gemalto's Trusted Digital Identity SDK provides all the steps needed for customers to create a trusted digital ID from their smartphone. Gemalto's Secure SDK is easily and transparently integrated with the telecom operator's mobile app and can be used on Apple or Android. The resulting application assists the subscriber in taking a picture of their ID document and taking a selfie. It controls the camera and displays the video stream on screen, while checking that the image quality is acceptable and that lightspots are not disturbing ID verification or facial recognition. Importantly, it also prompts the user to move to detect liveness. Quality control tips guide the user along the way. The image is automatically post-processed and prepared for analysis. Note that Gemalto's secure SDK features mobile software security features. 

Advanced ID documents Readers

To enable further verification of an ID document's security features or to capture identity attributes with an even higher degree of fidelity, dedicated equipment is needed. Gemalto's document readers address the need for security and speed simultaneously. Thanks to sophisticated checks (for example under ultra violet light) our document readers can be used to detect numerous fake documents. With options built for stationary use (desktop readers) at the point of sale as well as mobile use (tablet readers), these solutions can be easily adapted to different needs and priorities. 

ID Document Readers

Biometric tablets & readers

Gemalto's biometric readers enable the collection of biometric information, such as fingerprints, at the telcom operator's point of sale. Gemalto's fingerprint scanners are certified and ensure high quality in the capture of biometric attributes. They are in use across the globe for secure identification at national borders, healthcare offices and law enforcement stations. Our biometric tablets have also been deployed in contexts where mobility and flexibility was key, such as for voter registration in remote areas. 

Gemalto kiosks for self-service enrollment

Escalating standards for speed and convenience are leading many telecom operators to allow customers to purchase

SIM cards and mobile plans remotely and on-the-spot. To enable this convenience while adhering to security regulations like Know Your Customer, this remote process needs to capture both ID documents as well as biometric information. Gemalto's kiosks make it possible to provide fully self-serviced enrollment capabilities in places like malls. These kiosks help reduce lines at points of sale and enable access to services anywhere. 

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