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Silent Authentication

​​Continuous authentication: seamless and unobtrusive for a fluid customer experience

Silent authentication is ideally suited for the next generation of eCommerce delivery based on passive behavioral biometrics and machine learning.


What is silent authentication?

Silent Authentication technology was originally designed to deliver convenient and robust risk based authentication for online transactions in the banking sector. It uses continuous passive behavioral biometrics authentication to ensure a fluid, personalized, and trusted customer experience. Smart techniques and tools are used to analyze behavioral patterns to securely authenticate the consumer and thus deliver a raft of online services. User behavior analytics solutions range from geo-location tools that use machine learning to build a picture from the stores they regularly visit, to the way they walk or how they hold and swipe their device.

Helped by powerful machine-learning systems, this technology can help build up a rich, multi-dimensional profile of each individual customer. Behavioral biometrics and other context-based signals provide adaptive authentication to accurately analyze in real time the authenticity of any transaction for the ultimate in seamless customer experiences.

Let's find out how this concept could be applied to an eCommerce order scenario with drone delivery, and how it ensures a fluid, secure, and personalized customer experience.



​​​With the pace of technological innovation accelerating so rapidly, and a growing dependency on technologies involving machine learning and artificial intelligence, consumers are searching for trusted, seamless, and personalized services to help them navigate their way through this increasingly connected and digital world. 

We are already involved in term of silent authentication, relying on a suite existing smart tools from the banking sector and developing new ones based on continuous behavioral biometrics to create a truly secure, seamless, and personalized consumer experience.

Recent consumer surveys have revealed some key consumer insights which offer some critically important learnings for key players involved in the mobile and internet of things (IoT) ecosystem; namely OEMs, online retailers, and OTT service providers. Connected consumers say they want three main things:

1. Trusted connected objects

48% of users said they want mobile to become the main form of ID*
63% of users said they believe that by 2025, cars will be driverless*

 Trusted connected objects  

2. A seamless consumer experience

"Back home after a long day, I'd like my walls adapt to my mood. If I'm relaxed, they'd turn to my favorite blue and some nice tunes would play."***
"If I leave my phone at home, I'd like to be able to use a disposable device at work to which I can automatically transfer my personal profile."***


A seamless consumer experience

3. Personalized services

"I'd like the lighting in my home to adjust to my favorite colors and for artwork to be displayed on the wall to suit to my mood."***
"When I order online, I'd like my package to be delivered directly to me, by drone, within two hours."***

* Survey of 1,969 smartphone users in Brazil, China, Germany, France, the UK and the US, December 2016
*** Nealite Showroom - Key users insights, 2017



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