Messaging & Operator Billing

​​​Application2Person messaging services to promote, alert, retain, charge

​​​​​​​​​Netsize uses its leading position as SMS aggregator to connect MNOs to brands, merchants and retailers in order to deliver and monetize mobile content and services, as well as build close marketing relationships with the end-user.

We use our Application2Person messaging services to:

Promote – Use the SMS channel to send information to your database about new services, special events, products or bank holiday opening times, for example.  SMS produces engagement rates 6-8 times higher than email. (Source: Cellit)

Alert –Forgotten doctor's appointments costing the British National Health Service £700m could be avoided with the simple sending of a reminder to the patient, while banking notifications alert the end user to changes in their account or low credit.  Banks can even send new PIN codes by SMS.

Retain – SMS can now be used as an immediate way to offer CRM and poll services. Netsize offers a new interactive product where brands and merchants can enter into a 2 way conversation. Depending on the answer given, a new question is sent to delve a little deeper. Netsize can help brands manage the all important Net Promoter Score.

Charge – Direct carrier billing solutions provide merchants and service providers with great options for mobile payment for digital goods, offering the best possible conversion rates in just a few intuitive clicks. With no pre-enrolment,  the end user clicks to buy and is sent to the payment page.  They need only to "confirm" the purchase and the amount is charged to their mobile phone bill at the end of the month. Netsize offers a unified, customized payment page and manag​es the payment flow to ensure everyone who should be paid gets paid.

Netsize also can help operators to host and manage premium and messaging services for their merchant and consumers, to take the sting out of setting up new infrastructure. Net​size Operator Services offers speed and flexibility to quickly launch new services.

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