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Gemalto Marketing & Consulting Services

​​​​​​​Our experts at your service to expand your mobile business

Gemalto's Marketing Services proposes to Mobile Operators (MNOs) & Brands innovative and creative ways to engage in a more deeply discerning relationship with your consumers in the long term and to expand your mobile business.

Trusted Service Hub  

Our Marketing & Consulting Services (MCS) experts are dedicated professionals with complementary skills in Marketing and Operations.
Our mission is to boost and enrich your business portfolio, generating new revenue streams, by capitalizing on our expertise in Services spanning 6 years, coupled with our know-how in various domains: mVAS, mCRM, mLoyalty, mAdvertising, mCommerce, mPayment

What can our mobile Marketing Services offer you?

Inspired by best practices gained from thousands of sophistically creative mobile marketing assignments for MNOs and brands all over the world, we can support you in:

  • Campaign management: Build, launch and analyze your mobile marketing campaigns, leveraging on complementary SMS, Smart Message and push notification capabilities readable on 100% of mobile screens
  • Mobile Commerce: Propose, create and manage innovative campaigns with mobile shopping, mobile couponing and mobile payment​​
  • Mobile analytics: Improve segmentation and targeting by scoring your consumers database from profile and behavioral data. Focus on phraseology and apply A/B testing to maximize response rates from consumers. Finally achieve tremendous results compared to other media channels.
  • SIM menu management: Audit, design, animate and analyze your SIM Portal performance to increase service adoption and usage.

Benefits for MNOs and brands:

Our Marketing & Consulting Services expert team is fully committed to provide you:

  • Real partnership with real business growth
  • Best-in-class quality in services with time-to-market and real-time efficiency
  • Marketing pressure and privacy management
  • Better consumers understanding for proposing the right offer at the right person
  • Continuous improvement and evolution over time with advanced analytics & statistical methods for amazing results

Benefits for consumers:

  • Respect of my personal data and my preferences
  • Offers and promotions tailored to my needs
  • Attractive messages on top of smooth interactive user-experience
  • My satisfaction increases my engagement
  • My mobile becomes my personal shopping assistant