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Improve your mobile marketing business with online analytics

​​Transforming data into information, information into decisions and decisions into actions, this is the new challenge Gemalto proposes to its customers to expand their business making wiser decisions. 

Through Analytics, Gemalto offers you this opportunity to go beyond data, for you to monitor, better understand and optimize your business activity, but also to discover new correlations, previously hidden insights and meaningful patterns. 

Connect anytime to your dedicated dashboard and visualize in real-time your marketing campaigns efficiency and performance.


Optimize your campaign schedule for an enhanced responsiveness. 

Dig into detailed campaign information by clicking on one of your promoted services and all other graphs on the webpage will update dynamically and instantaneously.

Examine not only your consumers' appetite for your services portfolio, but also their attitudes and preferences. Evaluate the impact of their characteristics (gender, handset type, tariff plan, location...) on your campaign results.

Based on consumers' behaviour analysis and campaign findings, Gemalto Marketing & Consulting Services (MCS) experts give recommendations to identify improvement axes for sending the right promotion at the right time to the right person.​