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Mobile Engagement for banks

​​A new generation of bank customers around the world has grown up with unlimited internet access and smart mobile devices. They are digital natives – and they expect their banks to follow suit. Branch opening hours no longer matter to customers who rely on their mobile for 24-hour access to their accounts.

This new digital channel has the potential to build stronger relationship between banks and customers, but consumer demand for personalized, engaging and seamless experiences are becoming harder to meet. Early signs of customer churn are starting to show, along with a growing movement towards banking with non-bank entities. The core business of traditional banks is facing a challenge from new players in the game, from tech giants to social media networks, and from retailers to fintech startups.

As such, banks must adapt to this evolving mobile world to ensure growth and profitability. They need to rethink their connection with consumers to deliver fresh new services and build lasting loyalty.

It's time to leverage Gemalto's extensive experience in mobile marketing and digital security through solutions to increase efficiency, boost growth and stay ahead of the consumer curve through new self-service channels to offer a consistent customer experience. 

Gemalto's Mobile Engagement solution helps you: 

  • Increase loyalty with more efficient cross-selling offers
  • Create a consistent customer experience
  • Ensure better retention and lower churn with attractive upselling offers
  • Boost your banking app usage and profitability
  • Collect greater acceptance by opt-in customers 


Gemalto's Mobile Engagement solution helps your customers: 

  • Contextualized tailored services & attractive offers
  • Privacy and permission based campaigns
  • Unique customer experience



Tailored use cases 

  • ​Digital Invoice
  • App download incentive
  • Credit paper roll
  • Credit card limit upgrade
  • Personal credit
  • Payment alert