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Mobile Engagement for Retailers, Service Providers, Brands


What if there were a better way to engage with customers on mobile?

Today's mobile-centric consumers are constantly connected, and they often rely on their mobile for instant interaction with their favorite brands. As such, mobile consumers are increasingly demanding and are the driving force behind retail marketing plans. 

Retailers, digital service providers and brands must therefore adapt to this evolving mobile world to ensure growth and profitability. They must rethink how they connect with consumers to deliver services and build lasting loyalty – a big challenge in a world where choice is endless and competition is tough. 

To win customers and create lasting relationships, it is crucial to adopt an optimized multi-channel mobile strategy

With mobile as the key channel for instant customer engagement, companies can tailor their mobile marketing campaigns by leveraging subscriber data from mobile operators. Access to this information is granted on an opt-in basis, and companies can use it to drive multi-channel interactive communication with prospects and customers to boost traffic and convert them into loyal customers. 

The launch of specific mobile apps is a powerful way to drive both mobile and in-store traffic. However, that is only part of the way to reach customers. Ensuring users can find, download, and use the app is also a critical part of the acquisition strategy of today's modern retailer.                                            

By using the right mix of mobile channels such as text messaging or push notifications, retailers can send "app download" messages or offers that direct customers to the relevant app store for download, thus leveraging opt-in information to send ongoing notifications that encourage app usage. 

Gemalto's Mobile Engagement solution, ensuring smart and successful customer engagement

Gemalto's Mobile Engagement is a turnkey customer experience solution allowing you to run multi-channel mobile marketing campaigns, regardless of handset or mobile operator, to drive sales through tailored promotions, increase loyalty through personalized interaction, and boost in-store traffic, all leading to business growth. 

What Gemalto's Mobile Engagement can do for you: 

  • Increase customer retention
    Create real conversations, interact, and develop intimate relationships with your opt-in consumers while respecting their privacy and adapting your mobile communication channel to their mobile device.

  • Acquire new customers thanks to efficient mobile channels
    Benefit from mobile operators' opt-in databases to run mobile marketing acquisition campaigns and engage new customers.

  • Benefit from Gemalto's full portfolio of mobile marketing channels:
    • ​SMS for instant messaging
    • Smart Message; an interactive messaging channel to generate smarter conversations between you and your non-app customers, regardless of handset or operator
    • Smart App, an interactive, push-notification mobile channel for app-users
    • Smart Web, an HTML5 rich-media based landing page that's accessible from a clickable link included in an SMS
  • ​Enjoy higher return on investment
    Get the best from your mobile marketing campaigns with rich analytics for better:
    • ​Targeting
    • Personalization
    • Acceptance rates​

Benefits for retailers, service providers and brands:

  • Higher reach to maximize revenue
  • Instant view to maximize view rate
  • Better direct mobile marketing campaign efficiency
  • Better customer experience through optimized navigation flow
  • Respect privacy with a solution that's compliant with security expectations and regulations
  • Higher interactivity for increased engagement
  • More personalization through rich analytics with end-to-end tracking
  • Better retention and increased loyalty through attractive upselling and cross-selling offers 

Benefits for consumers

  • Customer intimacy with brands through personalized offers based on the consumers' profile and personal interests
  • A simple and smooth interactive experience
  • Fast and facilitated opt-in/opt-out process
  • Full respect for user privacy​