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Mobile Operators shaping the world of mobile and digital services

​Profile your customers, make the most of your customized mobile multichannel CRM campaigns, and share your data & network assets to companies eager to better serve their consumers, protect them against fraud, ease & secure their digital identification & authentication.​

The mobile phone, a widely owned object has become ubiquitous and essential in our daily modern & digital life. A more mature and demanding consumer is emerging, looking for better technology and services, a different relationship with brands, and respect for their personal data. These savvy consumers add and delete apps at will, swap out handsets, and switch operators more than ever before.

A multi mobile channel solution that provides the best customer experience is the obvious way for mobile operators to engage consumers, bolster their brand image, improve loyalty, and extend lifetime value. 

The monetization of their qualified customers database (personal data, identity attributes) and their network information is a new opportunity for mobile operators to generate new revenues, to move up in the value chain of ​digital services by creating value for their subscribers while respecting their consent and privacy.

Engage your opt-in consumers

Mobile Engagement  

Deepen your relationships and mobile interactions with opt-in consumers while respecting their privacy by adapting your mobile channel to their handset through:

SMS, the universal instant mobile communication channel

Smart Message, an interactive multi-screen channel for non-app users, up to 10 times more efficient than a standard SMS service

Smart Web, an HTML5-rich media-based landing page accessible from a clickable link included in a SMS

Smart App, an app-based channel leveraging push notification and rich media

Smart Bots, a conversational UI to create new business opportunities and use cases 

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Monetize your mobile assets 

Data Monetization 

Take a strong position in the data economy by monetizing your opt-in database, mobile identity attributes and network core assets: 

Generate new revenue streams with the launch of multi-channel mCommerce campaigns while preserving subscriber privacy and respecting their preferences

Prevent and detect fraudulent practices by monetizing dynamic subscriber network information to banks seeking better risk assessment

Be positioned as an Identity provider by managing customers' consent and re-selling customers' identity attributes to online service providers in a secure and private manner

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Make the most of your mobile marketing campaigns


Monitor ROI and analyze customer responses to your mobile campaigns with dedicated dashboards and powerful analytics

Know your customers through better profiling and predictive analytics.

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