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Data Monetization

  • ​​​​​Grow your mobile revenue, while preserving your subscribers' privacy and identity
  • Monetize your mobile assets to companies eager to run acquisition campaigns
  • Take the lead in data protection by offering fraud protection and identity services to any companies

Fraud Protection 
Fraud Protection

Monetize subscriber network signals to reduce fraud.

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Mobile Identity 

Monetize Mobile Identity and Mobile Data by re-selling customers' identity attributes to online service providers.

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Mobile Engagement 

Monetize your users' data and network asset to companies while respecting subscribers' privacy.

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Turn your mobile data into revenue

Consumers' data 

Mobile operators are sitting on a goldmine. With unique knowledge of every subscriber and real insight into their equipment, browsing habits, application download history, location, and mobility patterns, this represents a valuable new revenue opportunity that requires no additional investment.

Monetizing those users' data will not only generate new revenue streams but will also have a positive impact on their subscriber churn only if there is a real customer data privacy policy in place.

Privacy concerns are rising!


Despite data privacy regulation, best practices and self-regulatory measures, many consumers are very concerned about the use and sharing of personal data. One of their biggest concerns is that companies will share their data with other companies without their consent, and more importantly, without notifying them.

As such, it is essential that data monetization is based on opt-in consumer consent and the utmost respect for data privacy. And one way to encourage subscribers to opt-in is to reward them for sharing their data.

Offer new valuable services


As trusted data owners, mobile operators bring true value to digital companies, including retailers, eTraders, brands, financial institutions and insurance brokers, who can all turn mobile customer data into customer insight data,  enriched with context, predictive modeling and analytics(add link to analytics). When properly interpreted, consumer insights help these companies better understand their customers and make the best business decisions.

The problem for mobile operators is how to establish fruitful relationships with these companies and to build data monetization ecosystems in order to capitalize on this rich consumer insight.

Mobile operators need a trusted partner like Gemalto to help them take a strong position in the data economy while preserving subscriber privacy.

Gemalto is a trusted digital security partner, offering a raft of new business opportunities based on subscriber and network data, to help mobile operators break into and approach different markets with new offers, including:

Mobile engagement for Retailers, Service Providers, Banks: Monetize mobile consumer databases and network assets with advertisers and service providers eager to interact and better engage with consumers through the launch of multi-channel acquisition or mobile loyalty campaigns

Fraud protection: Monetize dynamic subscriber information to banks and other companies keen to enrich their risk assessment engines for better fraud detection

Mobile identity Monetization: Monetize your Mobile Identity and mobile data to Service Providers and boost your revenue with confidence and low investment leveraging on Gemalto turn key solution.

What data monetization can do for you:

For consumers:

  • Opt-in mobile notification of promos from brands that fit they opted in topreferences and interests
  • Easy authentication and authorization of online transactions and opt-in sharing of personal data to brands in a secure environment 
  • Easier registration and better identity verification for online services
  • Secure mobile identification for online transactions

For mobile operators:

  • Take advantage of Long-term revenue growth generation with no investment through the monetization of mobile data and network assets, with full technical and business implementation managed by Gemalto's team of experts (add link to consulting offer)
  • Reduce fraud, prevent damage to brand image, and limit subscriber churn by monetizing dynamic subscriber network information to banks or other companies keen to enrich their risk assessment engines and counter fraud
  • Become a key mobile identity partner by proposing mobile identity services to digital service providers

For retailers, service providers, banks:

  • Run permission-based, engaging multi-channel campaigns regardless of mobile operator or device for greater reach and interaction
  • Offer account takeover fraud protection services by collecting, aggregating, and securing users' personal data and mobile operators' network information
  • Enrich risk assessment engines with data signaled by mobile operators to better detect and prevent fraudulent practices 
  • Delegate authentication mechanisms and gather personal information from consenting end-users with a universal, secure, and convenient solution​

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