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Gain more with little effort by monetizing your mobile assets

Gemalto brings to the market a full service offer to Retailers, Service Providers, Banks. This solution is called Mobile Engagement.

Mobile Engagement enables Retailers, Service Providers, and Banks  to book multichannel mobile marketing campaigns regardless of handsets for greater reach, enriched dialogue, more engagement and better ROI.

Indirectly Mobile Engagement enables Mobile Operators to monetize their networks and their opted-in subscribers' data (under their consent) and to develop new revenue stream with low involvement.

Through this turnkey Mobile Engagement solution:  

  • Gemalto provides the mobile channels and the campaign structure (technical set-up, campaign management)
  • Gemalto manages business development : business monetization with retailers, service providers, brands and banks (ad sales)

Benefits for mobile operators

  • A new revenue stream with higher CPM, complementary to SMS
  • Full technical and business implementation handled by Gemalto
  • A service developed and managed by Gemalto.
  • A great level of potential for brands to capitalize on.
  • High performance driven by permission-based mobile marketing campaigns
  • Usage of opt-in database to generate more  ARPU
  • Permission-based policy committed to end-user privacy.

Benefits for digital retailers and brands:

  • Higher reach and higher interactivity for increased engagement
  • Instant view to maximize view rate
  • Efficient direct mobile marketing campaign efficiency leading to optimized ROI
  • Better customer experience through optimized navigation flow
  • Privacy based solution that's compliant with security expectations and regulations
  • More personalization through rich analytics with end-to-end tracking
  • Better retention and increased loyalty through attractive upselling and cross-selling offers

Benefits for consumers

  • Customer intimacy with brands through personalized offers based on the consumers' profile and personal interests
  • A simple and smooth interactive experience
  • Fast and facilitated opt-in/opt-out process
  • Full respect of user privacy

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