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Mobile Identity Monetization

  • Secure the mobile identity of your subscribers while enhancing their consumer experience
  • Give the opportunity to your subscrivers to easily and seamlessly share their attributes for different use cases, like through the auto-form full filing
  • Monetize your subscribers' identity attributes to online service providers while respecting your subscribers' consent

​​Take mobile beyond connectivity, and be the trusted link between online consumers and digital service providers

To limit churn and create long-lasting customer relationships in a fast-evolving digital world, mobile operators must offer more than connectivity, staying ahead of the competition with relevant solutions to drive additional revenue streams.

Mobile is no longer just about connectivity; it has become our digital identity for web services and online purchases. Mobile Operators are at the core of the value chain. they owns a gold mine at their fingertips : their mobile data & identity attributes  they can monetize to digital service providers for a stronger digital authentication, an easy and secure enrollment and a safe transaction checking & authorization.

Capture the potential of mobile identity attributes' value with Gemalto's Mobile Identity Monetization

Securing mobile authentication 

To reinforce subscriber's trust and facilitate online purchasing, mobile operators use identity authentication for their own services, such as websites and self-care portals. But as part of their digital strategy, they are also seeking to play a key role in the mobile ID ecosystem, by offering secure ID services such as site login, authentication, ID verification, and so on. 

Meanwhile, digital service providers are looking to facilitate and secure consumer registration and authentication while respecting their privacy and protecting their identity. But it's tricky, time consuming, and costly for them to implement technical integrations, manage contractual negotiations, and handle support with hundreds of operators around the world. 

This is where Gemalto Mobile Identity Monetization offer steps in. 

With Gemalto Mobile identity Monetization :

  • Mobile operators have a single entry point to monetize those mobile data and mobile attributes once user consent is given.
  • Digital service providers enjoy only one integration and a single contract to serve consumers on a global scale but in a secure environment.

Gemalto is the trusted link and the unique interface between mobile operators and digital businesses.

Benefits for mobile operators:

  • Maximize revenue opportunities with no additional investment, improve the customer experience, and increase business performance
  • Build a data monetization offer to target different sectors, such as e-commerce, advertising, and financial institutions, while preserving subscriber privacy
  • Establish a reputation as a trusted partner with digital service suppliers and consumers through the supply of secure ID authentication solutions and services

Benefits for consumers:

  • Enjoy simplified online authentication process for multiple apps and services
  • Benefit from enhanced online security across all devices
  • Use your device as the unique authenticated physical access key to locations such as home, work, or your car
  • Use mobile personal data to enjoy contextual services with multiple IOT touchpoints and home automation devices
  • Explicitly consent to sharing data with the services you choose
  • Enjoy better consumer privacy by controlling attributes and settings