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​Dynamic Mobile Content

​​​​​​​​​Maximize your SIM service portal revenue

Mobile Content

Deliver the Right Content to the Right People at the Right Time


VAS traffic increase in one year


New active users in only six months


Your SIM revenues within 12 months

Your customers today are eager to discover attractive services on their feature phone. Stand out from the crowd: Offer your mobile users, always-up-to-date value-added services (VAS) portfolio.

Gemalto's Mobile Dynamic VAS solution is simply a smarter way to bring rich and optimized VAS content to mobile users. Subscribers enjoy easy access to attractive and fresh content. You increase revenue by boosting SIM portal usage and services adoption through well-targeted mobile campaigns thanks to Smart Message.

With Gemalto's Mobile Dynamic VAS solution you deliver: The Right Content to The Right People at The Right Time.

Benefits for Mobile Operators

  • Easy access to SIM menu portal and real-time interactive content experience, compatible with all mobile phones
  • Dynamic services that are instantaneously refreshed (pull mode) and can be reorganized according to user preferences​
  • A team of best-in-class experts offering a wealth of experience in marketing services boosting menu portal traffic (push mode) and increasing customer loyalty.​

Benefits for end-users

  • Intuitive SIM menu portal navigation that end-users can customize as they want
  • Always-up-to-date and rich content with a single entry point
  • Relevant VAS promotion in line with his/her interests

Service offer

Get the most from your SIM services portal!

Gemalto's Mobile Dynamic VAS solution: Simply a smarter way to bring rich and optimized VAS content efficiently to mobile users with amazing results.

Give your subscribers access to rich content to boost service usage and ARPU :

  • Provide a unique entry point to all SIM services portfolios
  • Offer a user-friendly way to access and navigate within their customized content, thanks to a real-time interactive one-click interface.

Give your customers fresh and attractive VAS content arouse interest and gain loyalty:

  • Instantaneously refresh dynamic content
  • Reorganize services according to user preferences 

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Gemalto Mobile Marketing & Consulting Services to boost revenue via your menu portal traffic:

  • Advise you on your mobile value-added-services (VAS) strategy from SIM portal concept to analysis
  • Audit VAS content quality
  • Animate your SIM menu portal  with fresh content and new services to keep users interests
  • Promote appropriate VAS through well-targeted campaigns to increase adoption and usage via Smart Message channel.
  • Optimize campaign performance thanks to scoring, segmentation and profiling
  • Manage marketing pressure
  • Apply best practices for a ​smooth user experience
  • Learn and improve over time

​They trust us

Gemalto's best-in-class marketing services help mobile operators optimize SIM service portal structure, content relevancy and access. Our customers trust Gemalto's expertise in boosting SIM service portal adoption and revenue.​

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