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Mobile Engagement for Mobile Operators


  • ​Reach all your opt-in customers with ROI-proof multi channels mobile marketing campaigns

  • Retain & engage your customers with personalised interactions & tailored offers

  • Enrich opt-in customers' profiling and predict their behavior with our mobile marketing solutions


Mobile consumers increasingly accept to receive relational or promotional messages on their mobile but on their own terms: opt-in first, easy opt-out and preferences management.​​


Mobile Marketing should mean more than just displaying a message.

That's why Gemalto Mobile Engagement allows you to send value to your customers – not messages – and better engage with them at different levels.

Secure customers' retention and long term engagement 

Gemalto supports Mobile Operators in the implementation of an efficient Marketing Relationship strategy on Mobile

Gemalto mobile engagement offer IS a real-time mobile relationship solution designed to drive conversion and retention and enrich opt-in subscribers' database


Thanks to the launch of permission based mass market or contextual multi channels mobile marketing campaigns. Opt for the right channel and send the right message at the right moment:

  • SMS, the mobile communication channel for instant reach
  • Smart Web, HTML5 rich-media based landing page accessible from a clickable link included in a SMS
  • Smart Message, a powerful pop up interactive message for all phones, with up to 10 times higher ROI than SMS
  • Smart App​​, leveraging on Smartphones assets, with rich media and improved user journey


Sealys Edge Sealer 

Smart Web

Sealys Color in Polycarbonate  

Smart bots

Gemalto mobile engagement solution enables mobile operators to attract new valuable segments, therefore diversify source of recurring revenues and limit churn through customers' engagement at each step of the consumer journey

You can now empower your consumers so that they manage their privacy (via opt-in & opt-out), preferences (in pull mode, management of areas of interest, preferences) & marketing pressure (frequency of messages…).

You now have the ability to do opt-in, qualification, up-selling and cross-selling campaigns or surveys  to boost your reach and revenue.


Our "Privacy-first Mobile Engagement " solution:

  •  Fully respects consumer privacy
  •  Enables app promotion, mCRM, mAdvertising, mCommerce, mCouponing, mLoyalty, etc.
  •  Offers a maximum reach and an improved user-experience
  •  Maximizes click-through and conversion rates thanks to our Marketing & Consulting Services team of experts​
  •  Provides relevant advanced analytics and segmentation criteria such as location or consumer preferences
  • Enrich opt-in customers' profiling and predict their behavior with our mobile marketing solutions

Gemalto legitimacy & key assets

  • Privacy first: Gemalto brings its  security expertise to the user data
  • Multichannel for a maximum reach: address both feature & smart phones
  • Marketing Consulting & Services offer
  • 10 years expertise in MMK & worldwide references
  • Industrial approach vs start-up competitors



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