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Mobile Channel

Why not opting for a multi channel mobile solution to better engage your customers ?

Gemalto provides a wild range of mobile channels for a maximum reach addressing both features and smartphones

Send value and not messages to your opt-in customers by adapting your mobile channel to their handset and respecting their privacy and preferences for a better long term engagement.

Tokenization Platform 

Smart Message

a powerful pop up interactive message compatible with all types of phones for smarter conversations, with up to 10 times higher ROI than SMS.

Tokenization Platform 

Smart App

an interactive push notification mobile channel for app users with rich media and improved user journey

Tokenization Platform 


the indisputable message to send instantly information, alerts.

Tokenization Platform 

Smart Web

an HTML5 rich-media based landing page that is accessible from a clickable link included in an SMS.

Tokenization Platform 

Smart Bot

a conversational UI to create new business opportunities and use cases .