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Smart Message: the channel for smart conversation in mobile marketing

​​​​Maximize engagement with your customers on mobile

​​​​​​​​Single-click action,
No short codes,
No customer charges

Eager to engage in a dialog with app-savvy customers and feature-phone owners? Then Smart Message is the mobile channel for you, offering customers the interaction they want.​



Create real conversations

Gemalto's Smart Message is the perfect channel for generating smarter conversation with your customers

  • Immediately visible on the idle screen
  • Easier interaction with a single click
  • Seamless multi-screen message display​

Smart Message delivers a more intuitive experience to end-users, offering a range of ways to engage with them, from simple alerts to opt-in and qualification campaigns.​​​​​


Reach your entire audience

Smart Message is designed to overcome entry barriers. Using a SIM app, Smart Message can reach all your customers, regardless of their mobile device.

Our Marketing and Consultant Services experts will help you segment and better target your audience and help design your campaigns.

Smart Message is the perfect channel for all your mobile marketing campaigns​

Engage your consumers :​

A higher return on investment

With improved targeting, you can deliver customized messages to create a stronger relationship between your customers and your brand, service or product:

  • Our Marketing & Consulting Services experts have 15 years of mobile marketing expertise and best practice worldwide
  • A proven solution that's been tested across different markets
  • Up to 10 times better than SMS conversion rate  for improved ROI
  • State-of-the-art analytics and improvement recommendations to achieve your mobile marketing goals

See for yourself what our customers are saying​



​Benefits for you:

  • Privacy is respected through clear opt-in and easy opt-out of consumer data collection
  • Dialog with your customers, conduct surveys and propose tailored information services or promotional offers
  • A contextual solution with real-time event- and location-based services for a highly targeted mobile marketing
  • Better reach with or without an app using SIM bandwidth, thanks to a solution that's compatible with all handsets
  • High visibility on the idle screen until the end-user interacts
  • Superior ROI up to 10 times higher than with a simple SMS

Benefits for end-users:

  • Permission and privacy control
  • Friendly and interactive with one-click-to-action with tailored screens
  • A customer-centric experience with teasers on the idle screen that don't clog up your inbox
  • Simple service subscription
  • A relevant solution providing the right message at the right time in the right place​




They trust us

Gemalto’s best-in-class marketing services build the most engaging mobile marketing strategy, turning customer relationship into valuable business by delivering the right offer through our unique Smart Message channel.

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