Mobile Trust Net

Let’s put trust to work!

Gemalto introduces Mobile Trust Net, a set of trusted, innovative and large-scale end-to-end solutions.
Mobile Trust Net allows you to embrace the mobile revolution by providing your customers with safe, advanced and reliable value-added mobile products and services.




  • On the Network

    Our powerful software platforms allow you deliver innovative and secure mobile and machine-to-machine value-added services at huge scale across your network.

    NFC & Mobile Commerce | Mobile Connectivity & Network
    Mobile ID & Security

  • In the Device

    Mobile Trust Net’s embedded software and products authenticate every mobile device and machine for secure applications and trusted value-added services.

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  • Expert Services

    We have pioneered the introduction of innovative new client-server services and apps for the last 2 decades with the world’s leading mobile players. We know what works

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Key Figures

Mobile world is changing fast


Connected Machines by 2020


LTE Subscription by 2018

1.4 BN

Multi-Tenant Secure clients by 2017

203 BN

OTT Messages by 2020

1.5 BN

Users covered by TSMs

Source: Gemalto, Gartner, Informa, Public Subscriber Data


Mobile Trust Net

Download the Mobile Trust Net Brochure Powering the mobile revolution

Mobile Trust Net ​[PDF - 575kb]