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Advanced OTA Platform

How to remotely manage the lifecycle of 4G and 5G SIM and eSIM files and applications


The mobile ecosystem is changing and becoming ever more open and connected, with the number of different IoT devices and secure elements in circulation booming.

Mobile network operators (MNOs) need to dynamically manage devices, UICCs and secure elements across all networks, including 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G, Wi-FI and CDMA, to guarantee the best end-user experience and enable new high-potential use cases such as enhanced mobile broadband, massive IoT and M2M.

The Gemalto Advanced OTA solution is designed for optimum efficiency for a better MNO experience across all networks.

It empowers MNOs as service enablers, in particular on LTE and 5G networks.

Over-The-Air platform management

Gemalto Advanced OTA ensures secure remote management of the 4G and 5G SIM and eSIM file and application lifecycle.

This SIM Over-The-Air (OTA) platform manages and delivers connectivity to all devices and secure elements with utmost efficiency, whatever the channel (SMS, HTTP or both) or network technology. 

This enhanced solution enables mobile operators to benefit from the rapid HTTP world on any channel. 

It opens up a new realm of services that deliver use cases such as subscriber identity privacy, 5G Steering of Roaming, Internet of Things...

The solution delivers excellent:

• Reliability – for mission-critical application and subscription management
• Security – for the open IP world
• Success rate –  on UICCs or devices with polling mechanisms automatic update
• Performance – with intelligent mass management of dynamic updates

A positive user's experience

For end-users

• Faster access to content and applications thanks to higher bandwidth
• Seamless activation of new services
• Access to trustworthy services

An efficient mass-activation of devices

For operators

• A high-performance platform: High success rate and availability enabling carrier-grade SLA
• Scalable and future-proof platform: flexible deployments and service evolution
• A convenient platform: ease of use, intuitive and smart 
• Addressing multiple devices and secure elements: With the most efficient channel (SMS, HTTPs)
• Opening up to various services:  Steering of Roaming, M2M, NFC…
• Providing security for sensitive uses: with the highest levels of security

Take this opportunity to discover all the advantages of HTTP and speed delivered by higher bandwidth with the most experienced and recognized player in advanced connectivity.

Gemalto expertise in OTA SIM and eSIM file and application management

Gemalto is the worldwide leader in terms of commercial over-the-air platform deployments.

We enable carriers to activate a large number of subscribers in a short period of time.

For example, for LTE networks, we help operators such as:


to deploy new value-added services using ultra-high-speed data access and IP connectivity.

Our LTE solutions include LTE Full-IP Over-The-Air platform, which allows instant activation of end-users subscriptions, user right management and secure delivery of a reliable data connection over their LTE network.

Gemalto has won several awards at several editions of the LTE World Summit including:

4G smartphone launches - Ensuring fast activation for subscribers



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