Gemalto Customer Experience Platform helps you improve end-user satisfaction


Quality of customer experience is a key factor to satisfy your subscribers. It is also one of the most important considerations for customers when choosing their operator. The Gemalto Customer Experience Platform enables mobile network operators and OEMs to proactively identify and solve subscribers' issues in terms of network quality and device performance, based on real user experience.


Gemalto Customer Experience Platform use cases

Mobile network operators: Leveraging information on real customer connectivity experiences

By proactively identifying network quality issues, as a mobile network operator you can significantly reduce customer service costs while improving the user experience. You can proactively measure call drops and signal strength for any subscriber and, with a more accurate view of users' concerns, optimize your network investment by ensuring that the pertinent issues are addressed. Your customer care teams can identify and diagnose issues and provide live advice and support tailored to individual circumstances. Your service quality, brand image and customer retention are all enhanced.

Connected Cars: Providing the best possible automotive connectivity experience

The development of connected cars means that reliable, fast and trusted connectivity is essential. Gemalto's Customer Experience Platform ensures your customers' connectivity experiences are monitored. Through a software agent embedded in a car's radio module or as an applet on the MIM, coverage, 3G or 4G radio technology and events such as no service and data connection failure can be logged and uploaded for analysis. It allows you to control service level agreements including SLA configuration, provider configurations, map views, real time SLA KPI reports and notifications systems.

How does the Customer Experience Platform work 

Our platform can be deployed stand-alone or integrated into a third party CE solution. It provides unique insights and features that effectively complement data from traditional systems such as network probes and call detail records (CDR). The solution includes Quality of Experience (QoE) and Quality of Service (QoS) agents, a powerful reporting tool coupled with a customer interface and a flexible and scalable backend.

  • We propose various forms of Quality of Service agents (QoS agent) (SIM applet, mobile device agent, USB modem, software development kits) to adapt to your needs. With the opt-in of your subscriber, our software can run in the background and provide a rich set of geolocalized insights.The QoE agent collects insights on voice and data service, network, device, active testing and users' feedback with geo-location for operators to quickly pinpoint the root causes of poor quality user experience.

  • With Quality of Service agents (QoS agents), we actively monitor initiated and remotely scheduled test executions. The solution can be deployed for unattended drive testing and static monitoring as well as for indoor measurements, network and Service Level Agreements (SLA) quality checks.

  • Customer Experience Analytics offers a powerful reporting and analysis tool with a comprehensive set of reports and views that help a mobile network operator to quickly understand the situation. It provides network, device, system, traffic, call events, mapping and other views and modules to help various departments in conducting a proactive quality analysis.
  • With the Customer Care module, you enable a new touch point between your subscribers and your Customer Care department. Subscribers can use the Selfcare module in the MDA to solve some problems by themselves, thus reducing calls to your customer care centers. Furthermore, related issues impacting the customer experience are automatically collected, uploaded and presented in an easy-to-understand dashboard with passive device's and system monitoring.
  • The backend of the platform is flexible and scalable. It supports both in-house and hosting solutions. It is a fully scalable architecture, designed to handle many millions of clients. 

Benefits for mobile network operators

  • Proactively identify customer experience issues
  • Solve more customer experience issues at first call
  • Reduce your customer support costs (lower volume, shorter call duration)
  • Empower your customers with a tool that helps them solve some issues by themselves
  • Improve your brand image and the word-of-mouth on your service quality and customer care efficiency
  • Increase your customer retention and attract more subscribers

Benefits for O​EMs

  • Monitor your customers' connectivity experience
  • Control service level agreements with your telecom operator
  • Protect and improve your brand image on quality and customer experience

Benefits for e​​​nd-users

  • Provide a comprehensive view of what's happening with your connectivity
  • Identify and solve some of your own connectivity issues
  • Ease the dialog with your mobile network operator's customer care team​​​


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