Insights and Analytics


Given that 40% of dissatisfied customers are likely to switch service provider, solving subscriber problems at first call is vital to maintain high levels of customer satisfaction. Gemalto has developed a user-friendly customer interface to help both your customer care team and quality of service staff quickly solve end-users' quality of experience issues.​​

QoE & QoS reporting tool

Powerful and user-friendly reporting:

  • A comprehensive set of reports and views which helps you quickly understand the situation
  • One analytics tool fits all: provides network, device/system, traffic, mapping and other views and modules in one platform to help various departments conduct proactive customer experience analysis
  • Agile transitions between reports and views as well as powerful intelligent filtering contribute to the best possible experience

Customer Experience geolocation and mapping:

  • ​Geolocates customer experience parameters and events
  • Unleashes a true geographical based analysis when combined with powerful mapping modules
  • Area analysis answers various cross-organizational QoE and QoS stakeholders' needs

Gemalto Customer Care module

Gemalto Customer Care module 

Analytics Customer Care Expert:

  • Analytics helps to speed up your customer care processes
  • Quickly identify and solve typical problems thanks to the integrated cockpit views and the "One Button Test"
  • Eases and speeds customer problem solving  with true end-to-end, traffic and subscriber information across different layers

Customer Care module:

  • Simple and intuitive web-based module in HTML5
  • Provides Customer Care teams with information on issues encountered by subscribers, and suggestions on how to solve them in non-technical terms

QoE agent Selfcare:

  • Gives subscribers a tool to help them understand their device and network resources consumption
  • Enables easier interaction with Customer Care teams

Benefits of Customer Care module for mobile network operators:

  • Solves more customer issues at first call
  • Reduces number of calls which need to be forwarded to technical experts
  • Improves customer experience on customer care problem handling
  • Improves subscriber satisfaction and engagement

Customer Experience Platform Backend


Flexible QoE and QoS Backend:

Whether you want an in-house or cloud-based solution, our Customer Experience Platform proposes a flexible QoE and QoS backend adapted to your IT needs.

In-house or in the cloud:

Customer Experience Platform Backend offers both options in a flexible, economical and scalable manner.

A cloud-based server solution able to handle data from millions of clients

  • Less management and set-up time
  • Cost effective and scalable
  • Compliant with your internal IT rules
  • Adapted to your needs

Ad-hoc queries for full flexibility:

  • Customer Experience intelligence demands the right framework to provide quick efficient answers to customer calls and problems, as well as access to raw measurement data.
  • With QoE Mirror, you can:
    • Access raw QoE and QoS measurement data
    • Perform ad-hoc queries
    • Create custom reports on the raw data collected

Benefits of the Customer Experience Platform Backend for MNOs:

  • Cost effective and competitive solution
  • Scalable architecture designed to handle thousands of clients
  • Full flexibility in accordance with your needs
  • Ability to perform ad-hoc queries of QoE and QoS raw data