Quality of Service for IoT

​​​​​​Ensure the b​​est connectivity experience for smart objects

Mobile operators and smart objects

The soaring number of connected objects represents a massive opportunity for mobile operators. But for success with applications in the Internet of Things, reliable and trusted connectivity is essential. 

Gemalto IoT Quality of Service is a comprehensive offer for mobile operators to monitor the cellular connectivity of smart static and mobile objects in real time.

Suited to a wide range of IoT use cases including automotive, smart metering, smart home and connected Point-of-Sale applications, the solution provides instant network status and analysis. In addition, it immediately highlights issues by ensuring that a rich array of data is readily accessible.

​Discover Gemalto CE IoT Quality of Service: Monitoring smart objects connectivity in real time​​​


​​​An effective means of differentiation

Gemalto IoT Quality of Service enables operators to provide their device manufacturers and IoT service providers with clear visibility of network and connectivity performances, facilitating the measurement and enforcement of Service Level Agreements.

 Gemalto IoT Quality of Service includes:

  • IoT QoS clients embedded in any device's connectivity module for real time data collection
  • Server platform (in the Cloud managed by Gemalto or on the MNO's premises)
  • Advanced Analytics dashboards for effective QoS management, including:
    • SLA dashboard to share the efficiency and performance of connectivity
    • Customer Service dashboard to troubleshoot problems
    • Alarms and warnings dashboard for notifications in real time


Mobile operators

  • Pro-actively detects network issues for faster resolution
  • Automatic data mining provides a clear view of network performance
  • Advanced SLA dashboard provides key differentiator service to IoT clients

​IoT device makers and service providers

  • Increase device connectivity and reliability
  • Advanced SLA dashboard to control KPIs
  • Flexible solution for data collection ​

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    Monitoring smart objects connectivity in real time

    Gemalto IoT Quality of Service