Quality of Experience

​​Gemalto’s QoE solution to provide the best mobile experience to your subscribers 

Quality of experience (QoE) has become one of the most important factors for subscribers when choosing an operator. But many MNOs are unaware of how end users actually experience their network because their monitoring data is gathered from a range of unsatisfactory sources.

Gemalto's Quality of Experience solution closes the gap between the measured quality of network service and the actual quality as perceived by subscribers. The solution collects real end-user insights to proactively identify any network or device issues to resolve them fast. It is also the perfect tool for optimizing subscriber smartphone usage, and opens up a convenient new channel for customer care communication.

The solution

A QoE app and applet, collecting real end-user data

Gemalto's Quality of Experience solution combines data collection from both the operating system and the SIM, offering the most complete and accurate generation of key quality indicators for true end-user insight. By collecting data from these twin sources, MNOs are able to support a higher number of users, obtain precise call geo-location data, and offer enhanced privacy.

QoE app: A value-added user-centric app
Smartphone penetration has dramatically increased over the past few years, and user numbers are expected to top 5.9bn by 2020. A recent survey conducted by Gemalto revealed that consumers experience many issues when using their smartphones and need help optimizing their devices, which MNOs are best placed to provide.

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  • A new consumer survey reveals smartphone usage issues

    Smartphone users are expected to reach 5.9bn by 2020

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The QoE app is three-in-one white label user-centric smartphone application that provides the best quality of experience to subscribers, allowing MNOs to:

  • Collect network information based on real end-user experiences
  • Provide a value-added tool to optimize subscriber smartphone usage
  • Open up a new and convenient channel for customer care

The QoE app is available for iOS, Android and BackBerry OS.

 Watch the video to understand the value of the QoE App

  • QoE app by Gemalto – Provide the best smartphone experience to end-users

    A recent survey conducted revealed that consumers experience many issues when using their smartphones and need help optimizing their devices. Find out in this video how Gemalto’s QoE app offers MNOs the solution to provide the best smartphone experience to their subscribers.

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QoE applet: Grand scale deployment
Gemalto's QoE solution also includes interoperable Java SIM applets that can be widely deployed on smartphones and feature phones. They have limited battery impact, they operate silently and are OS agnostic.

The QoE server for data processing

A dedicated QoE data-processing and database server platform is easily deployed, either at the operator's premises or fully outsourced in the cloud and managed by Gemalto.

The QoE analytics dashboards

All the information gathered by the QoE solution is available through customizable analytics dashboards.

The data collected offers accurate customer behavior analytics, and is tailored into an efficient reporting dashboard offering information that can be used by multiple departments:

  • Roaming Analytics

    The Roaming Analytics module helps you to protect and expand your roaming business: select best roaming partners and address silent roamers.

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  • Marketing Analytics

    The Marketing Analytics module reinforces your marketing strategies using accurate customer information including Wi-Fi & apps real usage.

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  • Quality & Engineering Analytics

    The Q&E Analytics module describes how subscribers are perceiving the network, and provides at-a-glance network, device & applications E2E geo-located insights.

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  • Customer Care Analytics

    The Customer Care Analytics module allows you to prevent calls with a self-care app and reduce hold time providing intelligent root cause detection & suggestions

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