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We are entering the age of another industrial revolution, dubbed by some commentators as Industry 4.0, which is seeing the convergence of IT (Information Technology) and OT (Operations Technology). Fuelled by data pouring from billions of sensors, enterprises are making use of emerging technology paradigms like machine learning and big data analytics to better serve their customers.

The automotive industry, especially, sits at the cusp of both the consumer and industrial worlds, where on one side the automotive companies use M2M data to enhance their products; and on the other side, step into the world of apps and services to develop new driving experiences for the future. Connectivity, like V2X (vehicle-to-vehicle, vehicle-to-infrastructure, and so on) in automotive, has been a huge contributor in reshaping how enterprises think about achieving their operational efficiency objectives.​

The Challenges in Automotive and M2M

The early adopters of M2M technology are already reaping its benefits. But the industry, at large, faces different challenges in bringing connectivity to market:


  • Ruggedness: Industrial usage requires the connectivity infrastructure to be prone to extreme conditions like shock or temperature resistance. For example, SIM cards used for conventional mobile phones are not the best connectivity module for more rugged environments like utility meters or vehicles
  • Longevity: Industrial equipment has a much longer lifespan compared to consumer devices. Industrial OEM require components and ancillary services that correspond to the longevity of the industrial equipment
  • Strong Service Level Agreements: Certain connectivity requirements in M2M can prove to be mission-critical, for example emergency call (eCall) in automotive. OEMs need capabilities to ensure they can adhere to strong service level agreements with customers
  • Maintenance Costs: The costs for maintaining and servicing assets in the field can be quite high. The enterprises require an effective framework for ensuring the maintenance costs are kept down
  • Security & Standardization: M2M devices and applications are often a part of the extended enterprise. Using non-standardized or unsecure communication may open doors to new attack vectors for cybercriminals, putting enterprise assets at risk

Gemalto’s Solution

​On-Demand Subscription Manager (OSM):

For OEM that want to deliver more value to their consumers, Gemalto offers the On-Demand Subscription Manager solution. Based on latest GSMA specifications and built on Global Platform standards, OSM empowers OEM to provide seamless subscription management capabilities to its consumers. OSM enables OEM to develop their own partnership strategy with MNOs across the globe.
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M2M Modules

Based on GSMA’s specifications, the eSIM (or eUICC) is an evolution of the SIM card, tailored to meet the requirem ents of miniaturization, ruggedness and security. eSIM comes in many different form factors, better equipped for industrial use cases.
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Gemalto is a leader in digital security solutions, delivering products and solutions to more than 12,000 enterprises worldwide. We are uniquely placed in the connected ecosystem to enable automotive and industrial OEMs connect with the MNO world.



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