SIM Reactivation​ to regain lost prepaid users

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Real-time SIM reactivation detects and reactivates inactive users connecting to the mobile network, allowing operators to reacquire subscr​​​​​​ibers at a reduced cost and turn them back into valuable users. Returning users can conveniently reuse their expired SIM card anytime, anywhere, select their phone number and new personalized services. Operators can implement efficient customer win-back strategies by engaging with dormant SIM users to efficiently fight mobile prepaid churn.

How to fight the multi-SIM users and prepaid churn phenomenons

Prepaid markets users juggle with SIM cards. These cost-conscious users accumulate SIM cards to take advantage of the best voice and data offers, even owning multiple SIM cards from a same operator (the so-called returning users). Their unused SIM cards quickly become dormant and wasted. This multi-SIM user phenomenon increases churn and the SIM card volumes operators need to distribute, as, in many prepaid markets, most SIM cards are for returning users. In addition, the development of affordable multi-SIM devices has encouraged the multi-SIM user phenomenon, particularly in Africa and Asia.

To face this situation, operators need to provision more SIM cards and network resources, sometimes causing phone number (MSISDN) shortages. Some operators shorten the decommissioning delay to quickly free phone numbers for new users. But doing so, they lose customer information, damaging their ability to later regain churned users. Others try to regain users with expensive marketing campaigns. Finally, rejoining users need to perform the full SIM enrolment process again, causing queues, customer dissatisfaction and overloading resellers. 

Our mobile user reacquisition solution

Now imagine a solution that reactivates dormant SIMs anytime, anywhere, helping mobile operators regain users at a fraction of the cost…

Our solution immediately detects when a returning user connects to the network and automatically reactivates the decommissioned SIM.


  • It detects when a user connects a decommissioned SIM card to the network,
  • It is able to propose targeted offers based on the decommissioned user profile,
  • It provisions the user on the operator network based on the saved profile and new user-supplied information.

Gemalto's real-time SIM reactivation is based on a Gemalto-owned core network signaling solution widely deployed across 135 countries.


For mobile operators

  • Easily regain lapsed subscribers,
  • Drastically reduce the subscriber reacquisition costs,
  • Allow targeted offers based on user's profile,
  • Simplify the rejoining procedure by restoring the decommissioned profile and by enabling user self-reactivation,
  • Prompt users to re-register (when required by local regulations),
  • Reduce the need for new SIM cards by enabling reuse,
  • Optimize phone number, SIM and network resources usage,
  • Reactivate any SIM card from any vendor,
  • Relieve point of sales congestion,
  • Increase customer satisfaction,
  • Enable innovative marketing campaigns for subscriber re-engagement.

For subscribers

  • Get operator's special offers for tariff plans and services,
  • Ease rejoining with anywhere anytime on-the-fly SIM reactivation and profile restoration by removing the need to go to the point of sale and buy a new SIM.



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