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Steering of Roaming


​​​​​​​Real-time traffic steering to maximize profitability

Steering of Roaming 

Roaming revenues are being directly impacted by regulations and price decreases. In order to keep wholesale costs under control, it is essential to direct roamers to the preferred networks with accurate steering and a flexible reporting tool. Gemalto offers a complete range of steering solutions to help the operators to maximize their revenues and profitability.

With LTE takeoff, mobile operators are looking for an appropriate steering solution for LTE. With the willingness of monetizing LTE network and the concern of Quality of Experience, the business case of Steering of Roaming has been changed in LTE network compared to that in 3G/2G network. Gemalto provides the operators the appropriate steering solution to fit their needs in each step of their LTE deployment.

Our Offer

LTE Steering of Roaming

To generate additional data revenue, gain new roamers or differentiate themselves with mobile broadband service continuity, all operators are looking forward to deploying LTE roaming services.

Gemalto device-based steering solution maximizes operators LTE Roaming business, provides great flexibility for roaming strategies, as well as offers the best end-user experience.

Hybrid Steering

The combination of SS7 and OTA steering provides real-time and effective traffic steering, ensuring up to 95+% successful traffic redirection, avoiding anti-steering issues and improving the end-user experience.
Hybrid steering is recognized as the most efficient solution by MNOs as a survey done by the GSMA in 2013 revealed.

SS7 Steering

Roaming SelectSoR offers SS7-based steering which provides flexibility plus great control of the roaming distribution, and is also compatible with non-OTAble SIM cards on the field.
Near borders, subscribers may register to foreign networks even if they are still in their home country. This generates roaming charges and customer complaints. With Border Roaming Control, the subscribers are kept onto the home network.

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Device-based steering solution

LTE is now available in more than 100 countries. Discover how Gemalto maximizes operators LTE roaming business as well as offers enhanced end user experience abroad. ​

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Discover how Hybrid Steering helps you to increase your steering efficiency and saves the cost.
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