Bechtle AG

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Market segment:Retail

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Bechtle provides full coverage with more than 50 system houses in Germany, Austria and Switzerland and is one of Europe's leading IT e-commerce providers. It is a combination that allows Bechtle to pursue a unique business strategy in Europe – a blend of system house services as well as managed services and direct sales of branded IT products. Bechtle, which was founded in 1983, is based in Neckarsulm and maintains a continuous course of steady growth: in 2008, the company generated revenues amounting to 1,43 million euros. Bechtle is a manufacturer-independent company that provides one-stop shopping for all the IT infrastructure needs of more than 56,000 customers from industry, the public sector and the financial markets. The applications of Bechtle are ""hardened"" by storing user credentials on Gemalto smart tokens. All the benefits of digital security in an enterprise context -strong authentication on and off-site| digital signatures that may be relied on| digital exchanges that are kept confidential, and yet may be audited later if necessary.

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