Partner type:VAR

Country:Bosnia and Herzegovina; Croatia; Romania

Market segment:eBanking

Web site:http://www.elatec-security.com


Since more than 10 years Elatec is First Line Partner and Value Add Distributor of Gemalto, the world leader in digital security. Elatec’s Security Solutions division provides Gemalto Digital Identity, Access and Electronic banking components and solutions throughout the European regions EE, SEE and CE.

Our reliable, stable and flexible skills and support over the years, has made our division grow to have wide regional Channel Partner Network and active presence on all local markets which we cover in Europe.  As a result, in addition to providing all Gemalto products and solutions, we support our partners and clients by sharing our large knowledge and leads base, giving you our expertise and first entrance to fully protected Digital World.

We provide advanced solutions for the most demanding security, identity and access management needs.

We deliver Gemalto E-banking products et and services such as: 

  • Ezio Devices consist of OTP Tokens, EMV OTP Card Readers, USB Readers as well as Display Cards
  • The Ezio Proudcts and Solutions comply with a vast number of banking security requirements as well as key standards, to ensure the highest possible level of security and stability
  • Following services are available: sheet and continous laser printing, document finishing options, secure mounting and mailing systems, intelligent enclosing/ insertion, high speed card match mountinging system.

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