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Grama Tecnológica

Partner type:Certified Partner


Market segment:Healthcare

Web site:http://www.grama.es


Grama Technologica makes all kind of printing documents, plastic and paper cards, paper and cards personalization, fullfillment. We sell in all european countries and near east. We work with telefon companies, banks, assurance companies, card producers, and very important is the spanish state, we have many customers in the spanish administration. Maximal qualification for grahic arts M4D issued by the Junta Consultiva del Departamento de Economía y Hacienda. We are registerd in the list of contractors of autonomous region of Basque Country. We give added value to paper and plastic, putting on it RFID and technology. We offer our customers the integral service: consuting, develope of the project, buying the cards, doing the personalization, producing the complementary documentation, doing special transport, and offering stock of the product in our company. SUCCESSFULLY ATTENDED SALES TRAINING Sells Gemalto’s range of smart cards, readers and middleware targeted at the enterprise market sector.

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