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Infostream Polska

Partner type:Distributor

Country:Latvia; Lithuania; Estonia; Poland

Market segment:Financial Services, Healthcare

Web site:http://www.infostream.pl/


​​​Infostream Polska creates comprehensive IT solutions, specializing in logical, physical access, strong authentication and identity management.

Our solutions are based on Gemalto products and our own software components. Infostream Polska operates its own Data Center for outsourcing of services: networks, data protection, provisioning of systems, tools and applications.

We operate an official Gemalto Partner Training Center where partners can get sales and technical training for Gemalto products and get a certification.

We also offer card personalization services and have our own card personalization center:

  •  .NET Solutions, Smart Cards, PC Link Readers, SA Solutions, Tokens, OTP,

Infostream Polska has signed and trained the following partners: TECH-SERWIS PHU, Poznan SALES TRAINING and TECHNICAL TRAINING successfully attended Incorporating a strong two-factor authentication system for:  Enhanced security for logon, remote access, and sensitive information.

Identity credentials stored on the smart card device are more portable and safer than those stored on a PC - Convenient for mobile users who access corporate applications and sensitive data through the Web or a VPN - Integration with 3rd party technologies makes these solutions easy to deploy and support - Helps ensure compliance with state and federal laws that mandate or recommend the use of strong authentication - Reduced password support costs and risks and costs associated with data breach

MARCEL, Zielonka TRC, Warsaw SALES TRAINING successfully attended POLITECHNIKA WARSZAWSKA, Warsaw SECRET SERVICE, Warsaw - Authorized Gemalto training center - Card personalization center - Webstore - Own solutions (.NET, JAVA) - Technical support - Own solutions (.NET, JAVA) - Own solutions (.NET, JAVA) - Own solutions (.NET, JAVA)"

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