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MONET+, a.s.

Partner type:VAR

Country:Czech Republic; Slovakia

Market segment:Financial Services, Retail

Web site:http://www.monetplus.cz


MONET+, a.s. is the company which has been active particularly in the Czech and Slovak IT markets since its foundation in 1996. The founders endowed Monet+, a.s. with unique technical and marketing know-how which altogether with strategic partnership with global leaders in given sectors and its own stabilized, highly qualified development team enables Monet+, a.s. to offer professional services in specific segments even for the most demanding customers : Cards & Transactions, Identity & security, Client service and other hardware (supply and components, smart cart readers)

The scope of Monet+, a.s. commercial activities covers complete secure transaction systems portfolio where contact smart cards are usually implemented. Monet+, a.s. does not focus on a mere design, realization and supply of standard application software.

Monet+, a.s. main target is in the position of of active, reliable and really "smart" project integrator to provide a wide range of services and solutions fully customized according to the specific requirements of individual customers.

  • SMART SHOP is a general technological platform for operating individually customized systems.The basic purpose and task of the product is to create a multi-application payment point.
  • MONET BANKING CARD APPLICATION (M.B.C.A.) Banking application ported to a set of terminals implementing both EMV and non EMV transactions.
  • CLIENT AUTHENTIFICATION SMART ENGINE (C.A.S.E.) Simple, cheap, but at the same time strong and resistant authentication solution, based on generic security of smart card cryptography. 
  • CRYPTO Plus Personal electronic identity (based on PKI) on the smart card. Private keys and certificates X.509 (electronic identity) are securely stored on the smart card chip| cryptographic operations with private keys are processed in chip.

Benefits are: high security level, easy and immediate usage, unified interface for several communication channels.

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