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Smartkard S.A.

Partner type:VAR


Market segment:Financial Services, Healthcare, Retail

Web site:http://www.smartkard.com


"SMARTKARD was founded in 1998 with the goal to become the best smart card integrator in Ecuador and later we changed our aim and try to become the best in the same business segment in the Andean Zone| A success came since we have developed by ourselves and in conjunction with third parties some applications like: electronic passbooks| healthcare admissions| multi partner loyalty programs, identification projects, access controls and private credit cards. Working on the MPCOS platform, helps the financial institutions to reduce fraud and crowded lines in their branches. The card handles the traditional passbook with some options like specific ""other sub account"" saving accounts in order to save for home loans or similar. Admissions at hospitals is a problem for every hospital in the world since when someone enter through the emergency could declare their full name or partial name or non ID| with the card each patient will have their card and cross matched with the database. For furthers entrances present their card also for multiple benefits. Uni or Multi scheme loyalty system dedicated to the retail and banking industry."

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