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Intel Intelligent Systems Alliance

Partner type:Standardization / Strategic Alliance


Market segment:M2M

Web site:http://www.intel.com/p/en_US/embedded/alliance/overview


The Intel® Intelligent Systems Alliance is a community of more than 200 developers and solutions providers committed to advancing the development of standards-based, interoperable solutions based on the latest long-life processors and leading Intel technologies.

Intelligent Systems Alliance members provide original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and developers with the advanced hardware, software, firmware and systems integration support needed to bring leading-edge technology solutions to market faster, help ensure a solution’s longevity and protect the technology investment. As one of only 20 Associate Partner in the hardware program, Gemalto M2M receives early access to Intel roadmaps, test platforms and design support to ensure on-time delivery and reliability of next-generation Cinterion products. In addition, Gemalto M2M provides its market leading solutions and support to Intel’s vast ecosystem of partners.

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