IDGo 800 for Mobiles   In Production

IDGo 800 Mobile Middleware and SDK

IDGo 800 Mobile is a cryptographic middleware that supports the Gemalto IDPrime cards and Secure Elements on Mobile platforms: Contact and contactless smart cards, MicroSD cards, UICC-SIM cards and embedded Secure Elements (eSE).

The architecture of the IDGo 800 Mobile middleware includes several APIs such as PKI, GUI, PC-SC and Secure Storage. Those APIs are based on drivers controlling a wide diversity of readers: USB, Bluetooth, NFC, MicroSD, OMAPI.

Thanks to IDGo 800 Mobile, the Gemalto partners can easily implement the highest possible security level in their Mobile applications: Strong Authentication, data protection, digital signature, secure web access, VPN, etc.

Therefore they can now address a large customer base that needs to protect their data and networks with the well-established PKI technology.

Banks, governments, insurances, universities, hospitals, Certificate Authorities are examples of such organizations that have already deployed those technologies on their PC platforms and now need to migrate on smart phones and tablets.

On PC platforms, the SafeNet Authentication Client (SAC) middleware is available on Windows, Linux and MacOS operating systems.

Features and Benefits
  • Easy integration in the main application thanks to the IDGo 800 Mobile Software Development Kit (SDK)
  • Three test applications provided in the SDK with their source code
  • Several configuration options and GUI screens that can be controlled directly by the main application
  • IDGo 800 Mobile takes care of the Secure Element detection, PIN entry and keys management.

October 2017 Release of a maintenance version v3.1.1 for Android  with a minor evolution of the Manifest file to fit new requirements of the Google Store policy.
Release of version v2.2.0 for iOS that now supports iOS 10 and 11, a secure browser sample code and a new jailbreak detection API.
January 2017 Release of  version v3.1.0 for Android  that now supports Android M 7.0 and the card / reader event management.
July 2016 Release of  version v3.0.3 for Android and version v2.1.1 for iOS that now supports Android 6.0 and iOS 9.3.
Sales package of MobilePKI Solutions and Bluetooth Smart readers available on
Download / Sales & Marketing presentations.
November 2015 Release of  version v3.0 for Android and version v2.1 for iOS that now supports:
- the new SafeNet Bluetooth Smart readers: IDBridge CT1100 Badge Holder and K1100 token
- a new Secure Storage API.
April 2015 Release of  version v2.2.0 for Android that now supports:
- Android v5.0
- the new IDPrime MD 8840 MicroSD cards
- a new API to configure the middleware parameters from the main application

Technical Specifications
Operating Systems Android
  • Android 4.x to 8.x

  • iOS 8.x to 11.x

Supported applets PKI: IDPrime .NET
  • All versions except IDPrime .NET 5500 bio

PKI: IDPrime  MD
  • IDPrime MD 830, 840

  • IDPrime MD 3810, 3811, 3840

  • IDPrime MD 8840 MicroSD cards

  • Read mode

Secure Element form factors ID-1 size contact card
(via a reader)
ID-000 size contact card
(via a USB token)
ID-1 contactless or dual card (via NFC)
  • IDPrime MD 38xx card

  • IDPrime PIV and MD applets

Secure MicroSD card
Other form factors supported
  • Embedded Secure Element (eSE)

  • Software smart card (on request)

Interface with the main application PKI API
  •  JCE (Java Cryptographic Extension): Android only

  • Minidriver-like API

  • Subset of the PC-SC standard

Other APIs
  • Graphical User Interface (GUI)

  • Configuration options

  • Secure Storage

  • Jailbreak detection

Communication channel with the Secure Element or reader USB OTG (Android only)
  • USB-CCID readers and tokens

  • PINpad readers

NFC (Android only)
  • ISO 14443 -1 to -4

Bluetooth Smart (or BLE)
User interface functions PIN management
  • Change PIN

  • Unblock PIN by Challenge-Response

Configuration set-up
  • Secure Element selection

  • Keyboard type

  • Language

Other security features  
  • Secure PIN pad

  • Secure Bluetooth Smart

  • Secure Storage of critical data

  • Signature-based anti-malware mechanism



Solution type Owner Solution name
IDGo 800 Mobile SDK tools Gemalto PKI Tool
Test Tool
Included in the SDK
Strong authentication application for Good / BlackBerry MDM Gemalto MobilePKI for BlackBerry

How to get IDGo 800 Mobile SDK?

The IDGo 800 Mobile SDK is provided for evaluation purpose for a period of 3 months.
The integration of the IDGo 800 middleware in a commercial application is subject to the signature of an OEM License Agreement and the ordering of the SDK licence, that includes a full year assistance to the development.
Please contact your Gemalto representative.