PC-Link Readers   In Production

PC/SC Smart Card readers portfolio (IDBridge CT family):

 IDBridge CT30 (legacy name = PC USB TR)

 IDBridge CT40 (legacy name = PC USB SL)

  IDBridge CT510 (legacy name = PC Express)

 IDBridge CT700/710 (legacy name = PC Pinpad)

IDBridge smart card readers are designed for securing network access, using the Gemalto PC Core hardware and firmware, handling all types of ISO7816 compatible smart cards. Several different models are available to adapt to every host PC interfaces and Smart Card usages.
As the rates of identity theft increases, more and more companies are turning to smart technology to secure their networks. Enterprises, governments and financial institutions are rapidly deploying a smart card infrastructure for logical access and protecting the privacy of on-line bank customers and web shoppers.
Gemalto’s user-friendly smart card readers are an integrated part of more global authentication solutions. Built on the latest technology they offer reliability and are certified by the major computing and banking organizations ensuring easy deployment. Our diversified series includes readers for desktops, laptops, for SIM size card and readers for Pin entry.

Features and Benefits

IDBridge CT30:
  • Innovative transparent design to highlight the card
  • Modular concept with accessories: stand, floppy disk tray,
    to simplify logistics and inventory
  • Maximum usability and reliability with non removable cable, preventing reader unplugs
  • Compact and lightweight to optimize shipping expenses on large project deployment, fitting in a standard postal envelope size


The new concept of modular accessories will bring to our customers :

  • Flexibility for deployment
    • one reader fits all PC installed bases
    • several hardware configurations are possible
    • not dependent of the PC's connection ports any more


  • Ease of use
    • uses existing PC USB TR drivers
    • no mechanical tools needed for use with PC USB TR


  • A cost effective product
    • just select the product configuration you need


Stand accessory:
  • To improve the handling convenience of the CT30 and PC Twin Serial for a desktop usage
  • Comes with an innovative transparent design, removable adhesive tapes and provides a large support to print customer's logo for customization
  • Also exists in weighted version (490grs) for a one hand insertion/extraction

IDBridge CT40:
  • Slim Line design
  • Tamper evident casing
  • Designed for graphical customization

IDBridge CT700 and CT710: a class 2 reader (pinpad) featuring a keypad and display, adding Secure PIN Entry (SPE) functionality to the Gemalto readers range.
  • Security and confidentiality
    CT700/710 reader provides a highly secure way to enhance your smart card-based application, by protecting the smart card PIN code from unauthorized access. The PIN code is entered locally and safely on the reader, and is thus never transmitted to the PC. This is especially relevant for corporate security, Internet commerce and online banking services, where strong security and confidentiality is a must. PC Pinpad is made of a tamper evident case with security marking.
  • Ease of use
    CT700 reader comes with a large 2 lines and 16 characters display, to guide the user at PIN entry and change operations. User interface is available in several languages and new ones can be easily programmed. 
  • Standards based
    Compliant with PC/SC 2.0 part 10 for Secure Pin Entry devices

IDBridge CT510:
  • Compact and lightweight PCExpress devices for laptop computers
  • Robust metal casing
  • USB Microsoft CCID
  • Full ExpressCard 54 format compliance

  Branding on demand
Gemalto can personalize the PC-Link reader casings sand packagings according to the customer's identity and brand.
A scalable supply chain, large mass production capacity and qualified manufacturing processes for logo printing and custom colors processing, allows Gemalto to guarantee the best possible service.


A new brochure for the IDBridge CT20 has been published. View it in Download/Sales Brochure.

Technical Specifications


Host Interface
  • PC Connection port

  USB Serial PCMCIA/Express
IDBridge CT30 X    
IDBridge CT40 X    
IDBridge CT700/710 X    
IDBridge CT510     X

  • Plug and Play

  • USB 2.0 full speed (12 Mbps)

  • PCMCIA  
    PC Card type II, programmable transmission from 9,600 to 115,200 bps
    ExpressCard/54, USB 2.0 full speed (12 Mbps)

Smart Card Interface PC Core hardware and firmware architecture
  • Supports ISO 7816 Class A, B and C cards (5 V, 3 V, 1.8 V)
  • Supports up to TA1=17 (826 Kbps with a 4.8Mhz reader clock) for CT30
  • Supports up to TA1=97 (500 Kbps with a 4Mhz reader clock) for CT510 and CT700/710
  • Supports up to TA1=96 (340 Kbps with a 4Mhz reader clock) for other readers
  • Reads from and writes to all ISO 7816-1,2,3,4 microprocessor cards, T=0 and T=1 protocols
  • Supports memory cards using "Synchronous Card API"
  • Short circuit detection
 Smart Card Connector
  • 8 friction contacts - ISO location
  • 100,000 insertion cycles
  • EMV Level 1 mechanically compliant
  • Embossed smart cards supported
Human interface
  • LED one color (green), dual state (blinking: waiting card insertion; ON: card reading / writing)
  • CT700/710 (pinpad):
    • 2x16 alphanumeric display
    • orange LED ON at Secure PIN Entry mode
    • Tactile keypads with 16 (4x4) silicon rubber keys
Cable/Power Supply
  • USB reader
    • Cable 1,5 m long
    • USB 2.0 type A connector
    • Power supply thru USB port
    • Maximum operating current: 100mA
    • Operating voltage [4.7 – 5.3V]
  • PC Express CT510 reader
    • Power Consumption Suspend mode: 1mA
    • Typical operating: 55mA
    • Maximum operating: 200mA
    • Power supply thru ExpressCard port
    • Rating 3.3V 1A primary supply voltage
Standards / Certifications
  • ISO/IEC 7816-1,2,3,4: IC Cards with contacts
  • EMV Terminal Level 1 version 4.1
  • Microsoft Windows Hardware Quality Labs (WHQL), Windows Logo Program WLP 2.0
  • USB 2.0 Full speed certified (USB readers listed on usb.org website)
  • CCID - Chip Card Interface Device 1.1 (USB & ExpressCard readers)
  • Microsoft PC/SC environment with associated drivers
  • Synchronous Card API for support of memory cards
Operating Systems
  • Up to Windows 10
  • Win CE
  • Linux
  • Mac OS X

PC/SC drivers can be downloaded from support.gemalto.com.

  • CE, FCC part 15 Class B
  • VCCI, c-Tick, BSMI
  • EN 60950 / UL 950 / CSA 950
  • Operating: +0�C / +55�C
  • Storage: -20�C / +65�C
  • ROHS and REACH compliant , WEEE marking
  • 24 months
  • 100,000 smart card insertions
OEM Reader and packaging personalization available
Customized stickers, logo and colors upon request
Weight and size


(LWH mm)

IDBridge CT30 55 74 x 63 x 13
PC Twin Serial 95 93 x 63 x 13
IDBridge CT40 76 105 x 70 x 12
IDBridge CT700/710 292 121 x 79 x 49
IDBridge CT510 23 75 x 54 x 5


Stand accessory
Casing Polycarbonate, crystal transparent color
2 removable adhesive tape to stick it on a desktop
Dimension 75 (L) x 81 (W) x 85 (H)
Packaging Cubic brown carton box  90(L) x 90 (W) x 92 (H)
Installation and user notices printed on the box
Weight: 100grs for the standard version, 490grs for the weighted version
Kit content 1 plastic stand
2 removable adhesive tapes
Storage    : -20�C / +60�C

  • PC/SC environments
    PC-Link readers are compatible with all the main Operating Systems


PC-Link readers can be ordered on the Gemalto webstore : https://webstore.gemalto.com