LPWA technologies will enable millions of connections for the IIoT

First published on November 22, 2017

​Low Power Wide Area (LPWA) technologies will enable millions of connections for industrial automation and constitute almost a quarter of wireless Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) connections by 2025.

That was the finding of research by IoT analyst ON World, who say that LPWA communications technologies are set to increase the expansion of the IIoT in coming years.

LPWA (or LPWAN) technologies offer long-range communications at low bit rates and are often used to connect sensors or other battery-operated devices. Because of its low power, high data and long range capabilities, LPWA technology is more efficient than mobile networks and is able to support more connected devices over wider areas.

The IIoT is seen as transformative for companies and countries. It will create a new era of economic growth and industrial expansion as people, data and intelligent machines combine to create new opportunities.

For IIoT developers, LPWA technologies are considered disruptive and are set to advance the development and deployment of IIoT applications in coming years.

ON World's research predicts that the number of LPWA devices being used for industrial wireless sensing and control applications will increase from 35 million in 2016 to almost half a billion by 2025.

"In addition to enabling new markets and services, LPWA technologies are disrupting industrial IoT by giving sensors multi-year battery lifetimes and multiple mile ranges," said ON World research director Mareca Hatler. "LPWA hybrid devices that combine two radios – licensed and unlicensed – are a growing opportunity for IoT developers to extend industrial wireless sensing and asset-tracking solutions."

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