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Cloud computing and cloud traffic is expected to quadruple in the next three years

First published on January 17, 2017

Cisco's Global Cloud Index Report​ suggests that cloud traffic will quadruple by 2020 and that 92% of workloads will be processed by cloud data centers with only 8% being processed by traditional data centers.

Fuelled by the IoT and use of big data, the growth of cloud computing across all sectors is expected to boom by 2020.

  • Public cloud is growing faster than private cloud. By 2020, 68% (298 million) of the cloud workloads will be in public cloud data centers, up from 49% (66.3 million) in 2015.
  • Video streaming will account for 34% of total consumer workloads, compared to 29% in 2015. And social networking workloads will take up 24%, up 4% from 2015.
  • More consumers will turn to the cloud for storage – by 2020, 59% (2.3 billion users) of the consumer Internet population will use personal cloud storage, up from 47% (1.3 billion users) in 2015.
  • Big data will drive overall growth in stored data – globally, the data stored in data centers will quintuple by 2020, representing 27% of data stored in data centers by 2020, up from 15% in 2015.
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