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How should businesses use facial recognition?

Our new dedicated facial recognition microsite looks at the evolution of this technology and its role in society

First published on December 19, 2019

​Today's growing digital landscape demands faster and more accurate ways to identify ourselves. Passwords and PINs are being exploited by hackers so service providers and governments are turning to biometric alternatives – in particular, facial recognition.

Improving security

The development of facial recognition technology began some 70 years ago but only recently came of age. Our new microsite – Facial recognition: the new science of identity – explores how this technology can be used both passively and actively in order to provide fast and accurate results.

From science to deployment

The microsite brings you everything you need to know about this fast-growing and increasingly important technology. You'll learn about the difference between biometric authentication and identification, how facial recognition is being deployed across all aspects of society and why the ethics of facial recognition need to evolve in tandem with its deployment. Plus, you will hear the viewpoints of facial recognition experts Melissa Doval and ABI Research's Dimitrios Pavlakis.

Explore: Facial recognition: the new science of identity

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