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Protecting connected objects: key areas for consideration in IoT security

​Infographic: important areas for consideration and key principles for security by design

First published on November 23, 2018

​Eric Prevost is the Global Head for Emerging Technologies and Industry 4.0 at Oracle. His work covers the implementation of IoT strategies within industrial organizations, also known as the Industrial IoT (IIoT).

Prevost is upbeat about the potential of IoT technology in industrial environments, but says that the capacity to deal with the data generated in a safe and secure manner is what's holding it back.

"IoT is already changing the way we are managing the manufacturing sector," Prevost says. "It's changing how we get information from the field, in ways that are more efficient and enable us to be more productive, and it's changing the underlying business models by introducing a new way to interact with customers.

Security by design

"The main security constraints are how to make sure that nobody will be able to access the automation systems. These systems are there to make sure that the industrial process is running well all the time and if there are issues in the communication between the automation system and the management of the manufacturing process, you have a big risk."

Our infographic (below) highlights the three important areas for consideration in the security by design process according to Eric Prevost, as well as three important principles in IoT security.


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