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Digital Sweden then and now: healthcare

​In our third article about how Sweden's digital offering has changed since we published Digital Swed​​en in 2010, we take a look at the progress of eHealthcare
First published on July 15, 2015


Five years ago, public healthcare service website 11​77.se had recently launched. A portal that supplies healthcare information to Swedish citizens, it was the world's first such network.

The National Patient Overview (NPÖ), a new portal that enabled doctors and medical staff to access patient records securely online, came into being.

And SMSlivräddare, also known as the Text Message Lifesaver project, had been introduced to try to increase the survival rate of those who suffered cardiac arrests while out of reach of a hospital. It was only available in central Stockholm, but some 1,000 inhabitants of the city with CPR knowledge volunteered to use their skills to help.

The NPÖ has gone from strength to strength and Sweden is well on its way to having all of its patients' records available electronically. In fact, 100% of all documentation in primary care is now Electronic Healthcare Records (EHR); 88% of records in specialized hospital care are EHR; and 90% in psychiatric care are EHR. In addition, more than 95% of all pharmaceutical prescriptions in Sweden are issued and transferred electronically as ePrescriptions.

SMSlivräddare is available in the entire county of Stockholm, rather than just its center. Its SMS system is now linked to the Swedish defibrillator register, so in addition to those with CPR skills, people with defibrillators can sign up to be alerted.

The Care Diary is a new eService whereby elderly people and/or their carers can keep track of care documentation electronically. Users can login securely via the City of Stockholm's website and monitor the treatment and care that is being provided. They can access day-to-day records of measures that have been taken or check the care service's implementation plans. The Care Diary is currently available to everyone receiving any form of elderly care in Stockholm, which is about 27,000 people.

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